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Announcements in cabinet meeting

Cabinet meeting was held on Wednesday. The meeting time changed at the last moment. Some key decisions have been taken by Ashok Gehlot in the cabinet meeting, which started lately. The decision includes rehabilitation of Sanjay Nagar at Bhatta slum area of Jaipur city. For this, the land of Forest Department will be acquired, on behalf of which additional land will be provided to the Forest Department of Sariska. Twelve thousand Rajiv Gandhi housing will be built in the state. In the meeting, points like increasing MT conveyance to 150 rupees per month for Police Constable and Head Constable, increasing study leave for doctors to study PG course from 24 months to 36 months and creating more positions for director in Insurance and Provident Fund Department. Apart from this, the remuneration of Human Rights Cell has also been increased. President will now be getting remuneration equals to the Chief Justice, while members of cell would get compensation equivalent to High court Judge.

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