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Accident at Metro site, no casualties

Even though millions of precautions are taken, the continuous rounds of Metro accidents have not stopped. A shuttering of a pillar, which was being constructed for Jaipur metro, fell down near a road. As no one was present at the incident-venue, no one got injured in this accident. The accident took place at around 12 o’clock in noon. Shuttering of iron road was being done for the construction of a pillar. The pillar was supposed to be filled with concrete at night, but this could not happen. In the morning, wires of the shuttering were loose and lost the support, which led to create accident. No one was present at the time when accident took place because of which this accident didn’t occur on a large scale. Reportedly, the machines which helps filling up concrete in the pillar were broken down. The work was procrastinated till morning. And the accident took place.

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