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Ranakpur Temples and Festivals

Yet again, here is another wonderful opportunity for the voyagers to gain an insight into the existence of inhabitants of Rajasthan with the commencement of cultural and spiritual festivals one after the other. The state of Rajasthan is prominent as a famous tourist spot for its vivacious celebrations and festivals.

Ranakpur temple:

Muchhal Mahaveer is a Jain temple that is situated more or less 5 kms from Ghanerao in the Kumbhargarh sanctuary. It is considered to be modern-day Ranakpur temples. Muchhal Mahaveer is the sole Jain temple in which the sculpture of God Mahaveer has been portrayed with a big moustache. There is a lot of neighboring mythology attributing to the moustache. The 2 elephant statues that are on the temple gate are some of the striking features of the temple’s structural design.

Architecture of Jain temple:

The well-known Jain temple at Ranakpur is devoted to Lord Adinatha. For the construction of this glorious temple, light tinted marble has been used. The marbles takes up an area of more or less 60 x 62 meters. This temple, with its distinguishing domes, shikhara, cupolas and turrets rises royally from the hill slope. More than 1444 marble pillars, carved in exquisite detail, bear the temple’s structure. The temple pillars are all carved in a different way carved and no 2 pillars look the same. People also believe that it is not possible to count up the number of pillars. Also all the temple statues face each other. One more gorgeous carving that is made out of a single marble rock has 108 snake heads and lots of tails. It is impossible to find the ending of the tails. The image faces all 4 fundamental directions. The temple is planned as “chaumukh” with 4 faces. The building of the temple and quadrupled image represent the Tirthankara's invasion of the 4 basic directions and that's why the cosmos exist.

In the environs of the temple, there are some villages that belong to Garasia tribals. The clothing of these tribals is considered to be the most vivid in the midst of all the Indian tribals. After 2 or 3 days of the Holi festival, the tribals perform an impressive group dance on the podium of the temple. The event is celebrated from 29th November to 1st of December each year. Ranakpur festival is one of the important destinations to be visited on your trip to Rajasthan.

Identical to the Jodhpur & Jaipur folk festivals, the sacred town of Ranakpur in close proximity to Pali will also observe the Ranakpur Festival (in the month of October) a concoction of South Indian Bharatnatyam and Rajasthani folk performances in addition to the renditions by celebrated dance performers and vocal artists. A huge number of voyagers not only from Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer but also from all over the nation visit this fair .Generally, the ‘muktakash’ (outdoor auditorium at the Surya Mandir aka Sun Temple) would turn out to be the venue for the mesmerizing cultural programms on all the 4 days. Few other attractions during the Ranakpur festival will be the jungle jeep safaris plus the craft and food courts.

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