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Visit the Artistic City of Kota in Rajasthan



Situated next to the spectacular river of Chambal, the momentous city of Kota has been an alleged lure among the tourists. Kota is one of the most vivacious and multihued cities of Rajasthan. It is well-known for its colossal inheritance. Kota city is the business capital of Rajasthan state. This city has rich natural loveliness such as sand dunes, waterfalls, forts and palaces. The city is celebrated for its agricultural products like millet, wheat, rice, pulses, coriander seeds and oil seeds. The Kota city is located at a remoteness of 240 km to the south of Jaipur. In the city of Kota, you can take pleasure in the spirit of the traditional Rajput ‘Way of existence’ that is still preserved in some corners of the city even in the present day.

History of Kota

The groundwork for building the town of Kota was originally placed in 1264A.D after the ‘Bhil’ tribal monarch was conquered and beheaded by a group of ‘Chauhanas’. Nevertheless, things remained same for about 400 years. The original construction of Kota city was initiated in the year 1624 when Kota city got split from the magnificent city of Bundi. Later, the new emperor “Madho Singh” understood that he could not really exist in a village that is encircled by woods. As a result, he started creating a rural community which would best suit his regal requirements.

Places to visit in and around Kota

There are numerous attractions and monuments to visit in the Kota city. Some of the interesting spots to visit in Kota are:

The Sawan Phuhar Water Park : This pleasure water park is situated on the “Kota-Bundi” National highway-12 at a remoteness of about 3 Km from the Kota City, Rajasthan. This water park has the largest water pool in the entire city. Several other attractions such as water playground, water slides in addition to the Fast-food eatery called “Ripples” are also very popular at this place.

The Kansuan Temples : The prehistoric ‘Kansuan’ temple is 10 km away from Kota city. This temple bears an inscription that dates back to 738 A.D. Bounded by a big wall; the temple complex has a powerful Shiva temple and a few other undersized temples. All these temples have ‘Shiva Lingas’ (the emblematic phallus of Lord Shiva) within them. On the other hand, due to the bad weather (and bad luck!) obstructions have happened to the temple buildings and new constructions. At present, all the temples lie in a state of bad shape.

Kota Government Museum : The Kota Government Museum is to be found in the “Brijvilas Palace” situated next to the “Kishore Sagar” in Rajasthan state. This museum owns an outstanding anthology that takes us to the ‘long-gone’ era. The breathtaking compilation consists of old statues, manuscripts, atypical coins and a rare collection of the “Hadoti” statuette. Among all displays in the museum the sculpture that was fetched from ‘Baroli’ is the most amazing piece on the exhibits. The stunning sculpture is elegantly engraved and is noteworthy owing to its chronological magnitude. The museum illustrates the wealthy cultural legacy of Rajasthan.

The Maharao Madho Singh Museum : Located in the old fortress, the Maharao Madho Singh Museum has a wonderful compilation of exquisite sculptures, ‘Rajput’ mini images from Kota school, arsenal and wall paintings. The museum also dwells a wealthy storehouse of artistic items that were used by the ancient Kota emperors.

Kota Barrage : Kota Barrage is the 4th valley project in the string of Chambal valley schemes. The Kota barrage is situated about 0.8 km from the Kota City. The water released after the Power generation project at Rana Pratap Sagar, Jawahar Sagar dams and Gandhi Sagar is unfocused by the huge Kota barrage built for irrigation purposes in the state of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The Barrage is built through inland waterways on the right sides and left sides of the Kota River. This barrage was fully finished in the year 1960. Being a part of the irrigation inland waterway system on the Chambal River, this prominent surrounding is perfect for pleasure trips and for a relaxed evening amble.

The Shahabad Fort and Mosque : The Shahabad Fort and Mosque joins itself in the catalog of the most admired outing places of Kota city. This glitzy Fort and magnificent Mosque is in the “Baran” area which is in close proximity to Kota, Rajasthan. The Shahabad Mosque is also known as the “Royal mosque”. It is positioned in the neighborhood of the Shahabad city. The Shahabad Fort and Mosque is placed at a remoteness of about 80 km away from the main township of ‘Baran’ (located in the Shahabad city) and about 160 km away from the Kota city. The Mosque has a ‘white’ frontage. The interior of the mosque is marvelously metaphorical. The Pillars of this unique Shahabad mosque are ornamented wonderfully. The ‘Mehrab’ that takes you to the holy ‘Kaaba’ (that a Muslim must face while doing his worship) is lavishly decked and ought to have a special avow. The Shahabad fort and mosque can be reached easily from the Kota city by boarding a bus or a train. One can find rental cars which seem to be even more comfortable for a pleasure trip from the city of Kota.

Darrah : Darrah is situated 56 Kms south of Kota, Rajasthan. This calm, thick forest was the beloved hunting territory of the Kota Maharajas.

Ways of transportation to Kota, Rajasthan

By Air : The Sanganer Airport in Jaipur is almost 245 km away from the Kota city center. You can board a taxi to reach Kota from the Jaipur airport. The approximate taxi charges would be around 5000 INR from the Sanganer Airport to Kota city. Also, Jaipur airport is well connected to other metropolitan cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. Overseas travelers can board on the connecting flights from the international airport of Delhi which is almost 500 km away from Kota city. The approximate taxi charges would be around 9000 INR from Delhi to Kota city.

By Bus : Rajasthan State buses connect Kota city through Bundi roadways to all the other cities in the state of Rajasthan. Kota can be reached by boarding a bus from Ajmer (230 kms), Udaipur (240 kms), Jaipur (250 kms) and Bikaner (450 kms). Also, the air conditioned bus services from Delhi to Kota city costs approximately about 1600 INR.

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