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Unparalleled Taragarh fort in Bundi, Rajasthan

Sprinkled with a huge figure of attractions that ranges from natural exquisiteness to palaces and forts, Bundi is a dream place for tourists which offer numerous assortments. One can find scores of forts and palaces in Bundi. All these forts and palaces create a center of attention to countless tourists. Constructed in the 14th century, the Taragarh Fort is the major attraction in Bundi. This fort bestows a choice of serene stroll round its property. The quick eye-catchers comprise the Bhim Burj, a huge fortification with a field gun rested on it and a huge reservoir that is engraved out of a single piece of rock. The sights from the Taragarh fort are outstanding. It is beautiful mainly during the dusk when the sun rays seem to provide a gorgeous loveliness to the whole place. Taragarh Fort in Bundi is also called as the Star Fort. The arresting construction of Taragarh Fort is built by stone and is situated on a vertical mount. This strong fort was constructed on a hill around 500 meters over ocean level.


Taragarh fort is positioned inside the town and a passageway above at the back the Chitrashala towards eastern side will take the tourists to the Taragarh fort.

History and Architectural brilliance of Taragarh fort:

Taragarh fort in Bundi is a glorious portrayal of Rajasthani architecture. In contrast to the majority of other palaces in Rajasthan, Taragarh fort has a negligible influence of Mughal structural design in its architecture. Taragarh fort in Bundi was constructed by Rao Bar Singh in the year 1372 A.D. The construction of the fort was finished by following emperors of Bundi. This fort greets the visitors and tourists inside its building through a massive gateway. Altogether, this fort possesses 6 gateways. The chief gateway that leads to the fort is bedecked with stone statuettes of elephants. Owing to the lofty altitude of its position, the Taragarh Fort commands a fantastic view over the Bundi town. Taragarh Fort has vast archaeological and chronological significance. In actual fact, one can enter the Taragarh fort through 3 gateways named Lakshmi Pol, Gagudi ki Phatak and Phuta Darwaza.

The Bhim Burj is a gigantic wall in the fort that includes a huge canon. The immense water reservoirs that were engraved from stones are the additional magnetism of this fort. Visitors can take pleasure in the impressive view of the Ajmer city from this Taragarh Fort. A part of this gigantic structure is not open for the view of the public. A treasure room that stores massive assets is whispered to be under the control of Afghan soldiers who guards the Taragarh fort. This happened for several centuries and the precise spot of the riches was not revealed to anyone except the chief of Pathan family. Also, the spot was maintained very secret that even the successive generations of the stately family did not know the place. Regrettably, when the very last Pathan deceased in the war, the place of the riches were mislaid permanently. Even though Maharao Bahadur Singh of the imperial family carried out a wide-ranging hunt, he could not find it. The riches are believed to be hidden inside the fort walls even now.

Fascinating Forts and Tunnels of Taragarh fort:

The Taragrah fort boasts Miran Sahib ki Dargah. Miran Sahib was the chief of the fort who surrendered his life in a war. The Dudha Mahal placed at a shorter distance from the Taragarh Fort is also a fascinating place to visit. The Taragarh fort has the motivating conviction of subways (tunnels) beneath ground that were utilized by the emperor and his generals to run away in case of unexpected invasion. Nevertheless, these tunnels have not been positioned until now. The Garh Palace symbolize an extraordinary instance of the wholesome Rajput construction, with arched roofs crowning kiosks and pavilions, an abundance of temple columns and decorative cohorts, and classically Rajput designs like lotus flowers and elephants. Eccentrically, the Garh palace is not constructed of the sandstone that is preferred by most other Rajput realms, but built of an unbreakable, green-shaded meandering stone that was mined in the neighborhood. This unique stone, dissimilar to the regular sandstone, does not provide itself to fine statuette. As an alternative, Garh Palace was embellished by wonderful work of arts.

Most important attractions of Taragarh fort:

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