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Chandrabhaga Fair – 2013

Chandrabhaga Fair In Jhalawar, Rajasthan

Chandrabhaga fair, one of the most well-liked carnivals usually commemorated at Jhalrapatan in the Jhalawar region of Rajasthan was celebrated this year starting from November 16th to 18th, 2013. This celebration is mainly celebrated in the admiration of Lord Sun. Several devotees from various parts of the nation gather together here to offer their prayers to the Sun God and take a plunge into the sacred waters which nurtures this area. It is well thought-out a sacred area by the people who live in this area called Chandravati. Annually, the Chandrabhaga Fair in Rajasthan greets thousands of tourists and contributors from all around India. The fair is conducted in the Karthik month on the full moon night at Jhalrapatan, situated at a distance of about 6 kilometers from Jhalawar.

The Rajasthan government attempts more than a few measures to endorse tourism towards this new state. The unconquerable forts, superb palaces, delightful wildlife, customary fairs & festivals and passive lakes form the kindness of this area. Chandrabhaga Fair is one such impressive spectacle that really deserves the consideration of the day trippers. This fair pulls all the pilgrims, travelers and voyagers equally, with the customs and heritages that are followed in this district of Rajasthan.

Once in a year, a massive cattle fair is conducted in Chandrabhaga Fair where farm animals such as cows, horses, bullocks and camels are taken here from the far-off areas for sale. This cattle fair offers a grand opportunity to the voyagers to be acquainted with the civilization and ceremonies of this area.

The prehistoric city of Jhalrapatan has a remarkably huge number of shrines. It is also known as “The City of Bells”. Among the ancient temples, some 4 or 5 still continue to be the most celebrated temples. Sitalesvara Mahadeva Temple is one amongst them which is also well thought-out to be one of the most noteworthy specimens of structural design in entire India. Scores of devotes amass into Jhalawar on the banks of Chandrabhaga river during the Chandrabhaga Fair and

play a part in in this festivity. Being named after the Chrandrabhaga River, the fair is well thought-out to be a consecrated one by the citizens of Rajasthan.

There are a number of transportation means available to arrive at Jhalawar and take part in the Chrandrabhaga Fair. Jhalawar does not have an airport. However, the closest airport is at the Kota which is placed around 87 km away. Jhalawar is also well connected with Bundi, Jaipur and Kota as the NH 12 crosses Jhalawar itself. The bordering railway is Ramganj Mandi, which is about 25 km. Also, it is on the core Delhi-Mumbai streak.

Major Sightseeing spots such as Bhawani Natyashala, Jhalawar Fort, Government Museum, Gagron Fort, Chandrabhaga Temple, Gangadhar Fort, Bhimsar, Dalhanpur, Rein Basera and Kakuni are the most important traveler attractions of the dsitrict that are worth visiting when you go to attend the Chandrabhaga Fair.

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