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Admire the gorgeousness of Sand dunes in Rajasthan

Sand Dunes in Rajasthan are basically mounts of sand generated by forceful wind speed. These sand dunes have astonishing charisma and bestow visitors the factual experience of the desolate tract. The wonderful sand dunes frequently modify their materialization in line with the wind movements. Sightseers are extremely fascinated to see the beauty of these sand dunes. One of the finest destinations to enjoy a plunge in the mount of sand is the “Sam Sand Dunes” that is placed at a distance of about 42kms from Jaisalmer. The scenic exquisiteness of sand dunes at this place is incredible as wind constantly creates charming patterns on the desert sand. The color changes with the budge of the shadow undulate on the sand dunes and generate a captivating optical illusion or mirage. The sunset on these sand dunes are purely celestial and miraculous. A great way to take pleasure in the sand dunes is by taking a camel safari trip. One can get a purely compelling experience while visiting the sand dunes of Rajasthan.

The Golden Sand Dunes of Rajasthan: The Sand dunes offers a thrilling experience to all visitors who visit this desert tract for the first time. The sand dunes that are created due to the windblown sand marks are one of the factual delights of Mother Nature. The Golden sand dunes that create a mirage are simply an enchantment to watch. The sea of golden iridescent sand offers an amazing look to the entire arid region. Also, the villages situated on the brink of the arid regions are the places to see flocks of sheep and cattle wandering around sloppily. The rising and falling ridge on a full moon is blissful. The waves generated with the quick gust of the winds, the color and shape change of the sand swears that it is one of the wonderful destinations in the globe.

Sand Dunes expedition with Camel Safari in Golden Sand dunes: Expeditions of the Sand dunes can be performed with the help of the desert King, the camel. The wonderful camel safaris are structured from the town of Jaisalmer which is the neighboring settlement from the deserts. The camels are actually referred as the salvation for the desert inhabitants. This is because the chief means of haulage of these people rely only on the camels. The exploration journey within the great Thar Desert is a life-time memory for a person. Regardless of the shadowy, savage and intense mirror image of the wilderness, the quest of discovering the sandy countryside and routes through the isolated townships are mind-blowing. Tourists can experience the similar sand dune exploration experience in the “Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer” as well.

Basically, the Camel safari in the Golden Sand dunes begins from the Jaisalmer and extends to Bada Bagh. Afterward, it continues to Baisakhi and Roopsi passing Ludravra, Moolsagar, Damodara and at last concludes at Jaisalmer. The Camel safari across the Jaisalmer belt is a must-do thing for all tourists of Rajasthan.

Things to remember:

Without a doubt, the Sand Dunes voyage is one of the optimum experiences for tourists. On the other hand, one should also follow certain safety measures while traveling in the sand dunes. Since the temperature in the desert regions is very high, it is better to take ample transportable water to stay away from thirst. Also, make sure to apply adequate amount of sun screen. Shoes, Goggles and first aid kits are also essential. It is better to wear comfortable and sizeable cotton clothes to provide enough breathing space to the skin in the hot weather. It is always good to avoid excessive skin exposure to prevent sun burns. Sola-Topee, the regional Rajasthani head wrap (or Turban) is a good protection for the head while traveling in such sweltering places of Rajasthan.

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