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ITC hotels in Jaipur

ITC hotels in Jaipur

ITC hotels in Jaipur

Jaipur is known for its rich culture, heritage and values which can never be experienced anywhere in the part of globe. From the royal customs to the cuisine, Jaipur has always accomplished a special place in every visitor's heart. Every one over here, treat their guest as almighty and provide them with every services which are extraordinary and unknown to the international visitors. When somebody thinks of the trip to Jaipur, one needs to be sure of what type of accommodation they want to settle in. As mentioned, Jaipur is a place of royal destination with the journey of luxurious and story residing monuments and temples, then the accommodation must match with that of Pinkcity, i.e. Sharing the luxurious experience. One such hotel which provides the best luxurious experience from day one till the last day of the journey is ITC hotel Rajputana.

On September 27, 2012 i.e. the world tourism day, ITC RAJPUTANA was titled and rewarded as THE BEST 5-STAR HOTEL in Jaipur by the travel and tourism department of the city.ITC group of hotels does not require any introduction; rather it is the chain of best 5-star hotels in nation. In Jaipur, ITC hotel is served by the name Rajputana which shares the glimpse of immense glory of the king of Rajasthan and his lifestyle. When entering under the premises of the hotel, one can feel the royal and luxurious fragrance which was once a part of the king of Rajasthan. Rajputana shares the theme of living life king size. The built of this hotel is a complete theme of royal and luxurious touch of Rajputi culture. Rajputana offers the biggest premises when compared to other hotels in Jaipur city. From entering to the hotel, where a service man called durbaan with big mustache greets people by bending a little in order to offer them respect till the rooms of the hotel which resembles to the royal fragrance is just unforgettable. Visitors who have never been the part of the Jaipur culture before, this hotel is the best accommodation for them.

The hotel provides the safari services for travelling in Jaipur and some outside places as well. One does not have to think about the travel arrangement when residing in Rajputana. The hotel provides the best of the travel services to the famous monuments, forts, places and temples in Jaipur from the premises. One thing that Rajasthan is famous for is the cuisine. The Rajasthani cuisine is cooked in pure ghee and with love which add on to the rich flavor of the food. Rajputana offers the rich Rajasthani cuisine for visitors so as to enable them with the true taste of Rajasthan.

With the Rajasthani flavor  Rajputana offers the modern form of living as well. The conference rooms, pool side, gymnasium are such examples of the same. One does not have to compromise with their lifestyle when living in Rajputana. It offers the western services like multi-cuisine food, horse riding, and gymnasium where one can enjoy their daily lifestyle along with the royal culture of Rajasthan. Rajputana shares the name in the book of history of Rajasthan describing the best hotel to feel the essence of real beauty of Rajasthan and Jaipur.

ITC Rajputana does not need any external support to describe; it comes at No.1 position when we talk about best 5-star hotels in Jaipur. So, what are you waiting for? If you are travelling to Jaipur and searching the best ITC group hotel in Jaipur, then Rajputana Sheridan is the choice to loosen and forget oneself in the royal and luxurious life of Rajasthan that once the king Sawai Man singh I and his queen used to share. Living life king size is what describes the best slogan for Rajputana Sheraton combining the fusion of traditional Rajasthan with the western lifestyle.

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