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Travel to Jaipur, must see heritage destination of INDIA.

2014 International Film Festival in Jaipur

Each and every movie fans in Jaipur are going to get served up with a salver of globally commended and highly praised movies in next to no time. The whole credit goes to Jaipur International Film Festival which is in its new 6th edition and its back [...]

Courageous Camel Safari in Rajasthan

A most remarkable and enthralling activities that tourists can experience in Incredible Rajasthan is to journey through the undulating, desolate barren region on the back of a camel and camp out beneath the twinkling stars. Going on a camel safari [...]

Jeep Safari in Rajasthan

Annually, a great number of tourists plan their vacation on the desert terra firm of Rajasthan and take pleasure in a range of safari choices such as, Jeep safaris, horse safaris, camel safaris and elephant safaris. In all of them, Jeep Safari in [...]

Useful Tips to enjoy a hassle-free tour around Rajasthan

The striking and brilliantly vibrant state of Rajasthan in India is identical with imposing forts, imperial palaces, sand dunes, lakes, camels and inhabitants dressed up in vivid-coloured attires. Rajasthan remains a chief destination in the circuit [...]

Best Plan for a tour around Rajasthan

The fantastic blend of longstanding fascinating culture, gracious hospitality and traditions can be only practices in the multi coloured state of Rajasthan. Each time you take a trip around this state, you will stumble upon an unanticipated [...]

Plan a tour around the temples of Rajasthan

Rajasthan the soil of grandeur is a visual pleasure of temples, mansions, citadels, forts, festivals, fairs, wonderful culture & traditions. A few of the celebrated and religious pilgrimage places of India can be spotted in Rajasthan. The [...]

Exciting sports of Rajasthan

The range of audacious sports in Rajasthan comprise both conventional games that were adored by former Maharajas and the latest sports admired by the today’s younger generation. Providentially, you can pick from numerous adventure sports [...]

The Ostentatious Museum of Indology in Pink City

Jaipur is the domicile to sophisticatedly built temples, ornamented Havelis and grandiose forts. Simply put, the city is a wealth trove of the past era. Even though Jaipur does not boast several museums, the broad historic compilation, tiny [...]