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Rajasthan governor asks authorities to ensure

Governor of Rajasthan requests organization to guarantee 100% voter registration

Elections in Jaipur are mentioned as “A celebration of democracy”. A few days before, in a meeting held in Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan, Ms. Margaret Alva, the Governor of Rajasthan requested the authorities to strive hard and make all essential efforts to accomplish 100% registration of youth voters. Mr. Krishna Kunal, the district Collector, Dr Rekha Gupta, the Additional Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. P C Gupta, the Joint Chief Electoral Officer and few other administrators also attended the function.

Ms. Margaret Alva also declared that involvement of each and every single citizen of the state is required to rejoice the “celebration of democracy”. In order to achieve this, all authorities must take all essential endeavors to make each qualified voter to enroll; mainly all youths must have the interest in enrolling. Also, while giving a speech at a gathering on the juncture of National Voters Day, Ms. Margaret Alva also conveyed her discontent on the subject the least rate of young voter's registration of about only 60%.

Ms. Alva insisted that it is the responsibility of each and every single youth to get registered himself as a voter as soon as he or she reaches the age of 18. While she was pleased about the record churn out in the state assembly elections that was held in recent times, Alva also stated that there was an augment in the total voting percentage of women which is a great deal of act. Ms. Alva also noted that more than a few voters who own their individual voter cards could not take part or use their rights in the assembly elections owing to the absence of their names in the voters list.

Soon after, when Ms. Alva spoke to the journalists, she said that the limitations on the campaigns has conveyed disagreeable results and turned the electoral festivity into a “commiseration meeting”. So, she said that in such situations, the applicants were busy in meeting the requirements that were laid down by the commission half the time.

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