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Jaipur Tourism

Tourism In Jaipur

Pastoral Rajasthan Tourism

The wealthy historical, artistic and ecological heritage of Rajasthan together with vivid fairs and festivals and gracious people has turned out to be a most wanted destination for voyagers from throughout the globe. A few of the famous sightseeing [...]

Why should someone make a trip to Rajasthan in March?

Rajasthan, one of the most well liked and admired states of India will overflow with tourists all year long. With a number of tourists and sightseeing attractions such as the vivid festivals, safaris, chronological monuments to travel around, the [...]

Royal Guard Gallery And Water Heritage Walk

Water Heritage Walk and Royal Guard Majestic Gallery included in Jaigarh Fort Jaigarh Fort, the momentous 16th century fortress in Rajasthan has observed 2 new-fangled additions to its gigantic structure. The ‘Water Heritage Walk’ and Royal [...]

Spas in Royal Rajasthan

Rejuvenating and Invigorating Spas in Royal Rajasthan Rajasthan is a symbol of “The terrain of mighty kings”. It is also known as the “Implausible State of India”. Rajasthan is well liked for its wealthy culture and inheritance, barren [...]

World Tourism Day (WTD) celebration in Jaipur

World Tourism Day Merriment in Pink city! A lot of people make merry of the “United Nations’ World Tourism Day (UNWTO)”, which falls on 27th of September every year. This day focuses in promoting consciousness among the global community of the [...]

Indian Railways catering and tourism corporation’s

Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation's New Year Gift for Jaipur Citizens Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will soon operate an exclusive train to pilgrimages for the Jaipur inhabitants. This special pilgrimage train [...]

Cold Persists in Rajasthan

Chilly weather in Rajasthan!!! The beautiful state of Rajasthan that is placed in the western part of the nation has alternate climate similar to its unreliable landscape. The rock-strewn Aravali, the western parched plains and the eastern lush [...]

Rajasthan governor asks authorities to ensure

Governor of Rajasthan requests organization to guarantee 100% voter registration Elections in Jaipur are mentioned as “A celebration of democracy”. A few days before, in a meeting held in Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan, Ms. Margaret Alva, [...]