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Kundan Jewelry

What is Kundan Jewelry?

Kundan in Hindi signifies the highly refined form of gold, and thus kundan jewelry involves the use of molten and highly refined form of gold along with gemstones. Kundan is a traditional form of Indian jewelry which combines the gem set along with gold foil mounting the stones. Kundan is usually elaborated in forms of necklaces.

Rajasthan- the origination kundan jewelry

The method involved in making the kundan was initiated by royal hues of Rajasthan serving the oldest form of Indian jewelry. One of the popular variations of kundan is Meena kundan which is also known Jaipuri kundan enables the involvement of vivid colors and designs. Jaipur is known as the main centre for kundan jewelry in India and thus PinkCity offers the biggest export jewelry market for kundan jewelry. The founder of Jaipur, maharaja jai Singh II was a keen kundan jewelry lover and he introduced the traditions of kundan jewelry in Jaipur as well. Since the Mughal era, the kundan jewelry is flourished as successful copy on silver of Rajasthan and was affordable to every local audience.

Every traditional royal wedding trousseau has served kundan jewelry as the integral part of the occasion. The fact states that in 2006, the Indian jewelry market was largest shared by the kundan and American diamond jewelry offering the biggest market value in the country.

Kundan jewelry and celebs

Kundan jewelry I the origination of Rajasthan which is the state exploring the excellence combined with royalty and dignity. The kundan jewelry thus is a demanding jewelry not only in the parts of jewelry but rather the kundan jewelry is known in almost every part of the world. Talking about Bollywood, the movie “jodha akbar” which was coined as epic in 2008, the lead character of the movie Aishwarya Rai was noticed wearing kundan jewelry elaborating and highlighting the royal lifestyle of Rajasthan. Apart from blockbuster environment, many celebs ordered Meena kundan jewelry is their royal occasions along with their marriages. Some of them are: Aishwarya and Abhishek, Juhi and sachin, Shilpa and Raj Kundra and many numerous couples.

Kundan jewelry in Jaipur offers the numerous styles and patterns varying as per the prices and affords sets by the customers. The kundan jewelry is involved in every sector of jewelry whether it be gold, silver, diamond, Thewa or artificial jewelry. The kundan work can be seen in every segment of jewelry as per the unique appearance it throbs on the exterior of the same. The jewelry lovers are by no means unknown to the beauty of kundan jewelry which offers many rich colors. Mainly the rich colors of kundan describe red, green, golden, silver, blue and black. The hues of kundan are endless, with every color exploring the unique emergence in their own shell.

The kundan jewelry shell is nowhere nut sized rather it offers the highest range of colors and designs in every segment of jewelry. For instance, people who want to opt for kundan with gold jewelry; they are easily endowed with the same by many jewelers in Jaipur. On the other hand, if someone does not like gold, rather they wish for kundan jewelry along with silver plating, they are assisted by their choice easily.

Along with kundan jewelry, there are numerous entities which offer the segment of royalty and honor for the land of Jaipur. From the monuments of Jaipur to the festivals of Jaipur is fusion of crowned heads along with monarchs with typical redefines the theme of Jaipur. The sites and are such platforms which offer the guide book to all the users interested in knowing the pure and real beauty the city. Not only this, and acts as the means where visitors can thoroughly know about the accommodation facilities in Jaipur from royal heritage to the budget rooms as per reasonable by the travelers.

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