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Jaipur jewelry

Kundan Jewelry

What is Kundan Jewelry? Kundan in Hindi signifies the highly refined form of gold, and thus kundan jewelry involves the use of molten and highly refined form of gold along with gemstones. Kundan is a traditional form of Indian jewelry which combines [...]

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are always the much loved topic to talk upon for women. The women treat diamonds as their best friends and thus their shopaholic attitude is somewhere shared by the segment of diamonds broadly. Diamond jewelry in India is known in many [...]

Handmade jewelry

It is always said that jewelry is the women’s best friend. The jewelry helps in beautifying the glow and ambiance of women’s features. Specifically, women love the Indian jewelry the most as it adds on to their emotions and feelings to a royal [...]

Gold jewelry

India, which was known as the golden bird, once shared a land of gold. The Indian gold jewelry had an massive popularity in all over the world. Till today, the gold jewelry of India is assisted as the purest form of jewelry. In India, the state [...]

Silver Jewelry

Jaipur Silver Jewelry The silver jewelry in Jaipur serves as one of the prominent market of exporters. The silver jewelry as per statistics is the most consuming jewelry because of its affordable price and also with the audience most attracted to [...]


The Rajputana time was so influenced by many people that it created a major aspect in jewelry. Jaipur jewelry thus plays a vital role in making the city a land of rich heritage. With no confusion and doubt, the land serves the best heritage jewelry [...]

Bridal Jewelry

Let me ask you a question? What is at one thing that makes an Indian bride look unique from other brides? The answer without any confusion goes the clothing and the jewelry of the bride. Every Indian women dream of her being bride someday and pours [...]