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 Jaipur Art

The Story behind Jaipur Art

Jaipur lovers are aware of the name Maharaja Jai Singh II who created the history in the pages of India. And that golden history is none other than the creation “Jaipur”. Jaipur is a very known city when it comes to the Indian royalty and dignity. The city Jaipur, the capital of state Rajasthan is furnished with the best and never seen art form in any part of the world. every single needle size entity involved in making the art of Jaipur is filled with purity of Rajputana along with its sovereignty. The king of Jaipur Maharaja Jai Singh II bestowed this never seen talent and creativity only to the part of the city Jaipur so that in future, the city can embrace thee only destination of rich art and culture. The art seen in the parts of Jaipur is the creation by the local craftsmen of the city. The craftsmen of the city are known for their creativity and thus they the people embrace and respect them for such a dignified form of art.

Forms of Jaipur Art

Talking about the Jaipur art in peculiar, the art of the city is manufactured in many forms which particularly describes the significant aspects of the Jaipur traditions and culture which are the bequest of the king of the city. People when traveling to the city Jaipur are profound to get amaze by the beautiful and never seen art of the city Jaipur.

Jaipur Jewelry

The Indian jewelry is one such art in the globe which is appreciated by every being. The women especially are said to be the best friends of jewelry. But what is that special thing that makes the Jaipur jewelry as the most important part to create history of the Rajasthani traditions? The answer to this question is probably the heavy patterns and designs involved in the creation of jewelry. Since the ruling era of maharaja jai Singh II, the royal families used to wear the heavy jewelry which was the specialty of Rajasthani jewelers. The jewelers in the city were specially trained to serve their art and creativity in the form of jewelry to the royal families. The specialty of the jewelry included their patterns which generally involves the shape of sun, moon, leaves and flowers portrayed in the gold design. These gold ornaments were then served to the royal families of the city in order to ensure the special appearance of the ornaments to create a milestone in the history of the Jaipur.

The special type of jewelry which was bestowed was the Thewa jewelry. Thewa jewelry is the ornaments of gold along with the precious and semi precious stones work included in the same. the Thewa jewelry mainly includes the necklace and the matching earnings which serves the bottom of the necklace and earnings line with the small gemstones attached with it. These stones are the precious, semi precious and gems which can be seen in many colors and patterns. The typical form of art in Jaipur jewelry can be seen in the patterns and designs involved in Thewa jewelry along with the heavy gold jewelry which talks about the unique shapes and designs with heavy looks.

Jaipur Handicrafts

Did you ever visit Jaipur? If yes, then what is that one thing which famous for its manufacturing from the local people itself? It surely has to be handicrafts. The handicrafts material which are made and invented by the craftsmen in Jaipur pours a unique appearance and significance of the same. The things that motivates the local craftsmen to develop such an art is the deep pride of traditions and culture of the city. The craftsmen in each part of Jaipur are deeply attached with the culture and traditions of Jaipur and thus make their utmost effort to carry the same forward in the form of handicrafts. The form of handicrafts that are available in the city Jaipur are:

Marble Handicrafts

The decorative in the form of marble are very popular in the city Jaipur. The craftsmen of pinkcity are so trained that they can develop from needle size to elephant size marbles status and decorative entities. The marble handicrafts generally include the statues of almighty, elephant and cultural entities that signify the importance of Jaipur culture. Generally, the elephant marble entities are very common in the city Jaipur as the animal elephant is served as the piece of dignity and honor since the ruing era of the king of Jaipur. The marble handicrafts once made, are then decorated by kundan and Zari work making the statue as a piece of excellence with beauty of royalty.

Paper Art

Paper art is a very famous form of art in the city Jaipur. Somewhere the paper art in pinkcity helps in carrying forward the significance of the old methods of living. before the establishment of such advanced technologies, the paper art in the city was used as the mode of connectivity. Some popular forms of paper art in Jaipur includes: Paper bags, paper diaries, paper stars and many more.

Handmade gifts

This category serves the best segments of traditional gifts that one can offer to their loved ones in budget. The handmade gifts category involves the handicrafts which are made by the local craftsmen and helps in serving the local budget treat of the Jaipur traditions. Some handicrafts gifts are: Hukaah, handmade holders, wooden statues, wooden hangers and many more.

Don’t forget the very popular Bandarwaal sets that are made to tie to the houses on some occasions. These door hangings are the traditional form of art that embrace the beautiful hangings in the form of typical Rajasthani taste and touch.

Bagru Printing

Bagru is the small village which is known for the hand printing traditions of Jaipur which serves as the evolution of bedsheets printing in the city Jaipur. Bagru serves as one such destination in the state Rajasthan which is famous for its hand printing block designs. These hand printing block designs for offered on the bedsheets and are poured on the same sheet by different dyes. The wooden printers which are used to throb the print on the sheet are poured into a dye and then are served to the sheet in order to make prints on the same. These Bagru hand printing is a very old but popular tradition in Jaipur which is served to the people in the form of art. These Bagru hand prints are often seen on the bedsheets and other heavy sheets that contains the tag of Bagru. The business of Bagru prints is not only shelled to Rajasthani but the Bagru prints share their amazing presence in many parts of India and globe.

Bandej Sarees

Bandej print is a very popular art in Jaipur. Many sarees and suits are made by the Bandej prints. The procedure of making Bandej print includes tyeing and dyeing. Firstly, the work men and women Tye some small knots with particular shape on the cloth and then the procedure of dyeing starts in which the clothe undergoes the dyeing procedure mainly of natural colors. It leads to the infilling of knots on the cloth and ultimately the clothe is whole printed by Bandej concept. The Bandej prints are very famous n every part of the world and mainly manufactured in the state Rajasthan. the women in Jaipur loves the Bandej concept and thus opt for the same on many occasions. The main colors in Bandej prints include reed, yellow green and black. The Bandej after final procedure involves the prints of several dots, squares, strips and waves that completely talks about the new look different from every ordinary saree and suit. Because of the increasing demand, the Bandej prints mainly plays a vital role in emphasizing the beauty of Jaipur art and take it to the unique level as compared to other fabrics.

Zari Sarees

The other types of saree famous in Jaipur are namely Zari sarees. The work involved in such sarees consist of Zari work which has a golden coating on it. Zari sarees are the combination of perfection involved in gold and silver threading together on the silk cloth and ultimately resulting into a different and unique deigns on sarees. The Rajasthani sarees involves the Zari work as well as the Bandej work which ultimately results to a unique pattern and coining the Jaipur art to be marvelous and breathe taking creativity by the local people.  Zari sarees are mainly popular and wore on the occasion of festivals or marriage as it comes out to be the marvelous piece of apparel with shiny Gota and Zari work.



One thing which dramatically talks about Jaipur culture and traditions is puppets. In Jaipur, the puppets are made up of the wooden structure and appareled with beautiful Rajasthani clothes on it pouring a beauty of excellence in the form of puppet. Many people must be aware of the famous puppets shows that are organized in many parts of Rajasthan. Puppets plays an important role in signifying the true heroes of the state Rajasthan mainly the kings of Jaipur. The puppet shows helps in demonstrating the true stories of Rajasthan mainly which talks about the beauty and royalty of rich heritage on Rajasthan and alongside mainly carrying any moral behind it. Along with puppet drama, the show involves the puppet dance as well specifically on the Rajasthani music. The puppet shows as a whole is a complete packet of Rajasthani culture involved in one show which talks about Rajasthani stories, their apparels, their music and culture.

Architecture of Jaipur

Jaipur is famous for breathe taking forts and palaces which were built by the king of Jaipur Maharaja jai Singh II. Talking about every fort and monument in Jaipur, every structure carries out a special quality in their architect. For instance, Hawa Mahal is designed in a way so as to enable the freezing winds blowing inside the palace. City palace on the other hand, symbolize the beautiful carved paintings and interiors which pours the essence of royalty and dignity. Jantar Mantar, on the other side, plays a vital role in the astronomical demonstration of instruments. Sisodia rani garden pours the marvelous beauty of nature alongside the beautiful painting of real stories of lord Radha Krishna which talks about the immense glory and grace involved in their amour.

Every architect building of Jaipur symbolizes a special quality which typically talks about the art and culture involved in building the same. The architectural quality involved behind the famous monuments of Jaipur can never s=be seen anywhere else which can directly portray the unique art and culture by the architectures from the ruling era of jai Singh II.


When traveling to the city Jaipur, one can notice the famous art galleries in the town which shares the immense glory of richness of the Jaipur heritage. The artists of Jaipur are surely to be gifted by god who demonstrate the real beauty of Jaipur in the form of art i.e., paintings. the artists dedicate their whole lives in portraying the rich beauty of Rajasthani culture on a piece of cloth by using hues and layers of brushes. These hues and layers of brushes used by the artist in Rajasthan are extravaganza treat demonstrating the different themes of Rajasthan. some painting talks about the portraits of the Rajasthani people which signifies their style of living along with the inner desires. Some paintings elaborates the Rajasthani scenes of village which are beautifully portrayed that any art lover can feel the essence of that particular scene in a way that they found themselves to be deeply attached with the paintings. some paintings talks about the beauty of Rajasthani women in a different aspect. the Rajasthani women are titled as beauty with brains that dedicate their whole lives in order to serve and love their spouse. The paintings of Rajasthani women talks about their immense hidden beauty which needs a platform to be declared the marvelous and breathe taking beauty which can be seen only in the parts of the Rajasthan.

Now let me ask you a question… can there be any other city or land that can embrace such a dignified form of art in such a manner that it can play with the moods and feelings of the people? Supposedly NO. All these art forms are the bequest of the king of Jaipur Jai Singh II that led the people in future to enjoy such and can carry forward to the next level. The art and culture of Jaipur is popular in many parts of the globe. Any guests coming to travel this city are overwhelmed by their unique art and thus try to shop as many entities they can which can embrace the true Jaipur art.

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