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The Alsisar Haveli, Jaipur

Being the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur demonstrates the real tone of the state and its inhabitants very well. Actually, the Pink city was built with extreme meticulousness. Delimited by Rocky Mountains on 3 sides, this city is crowned by breathtaking fortification, gorgeous citadels, gardens and mansions. Exquisiteness is speckled all over its boundaries. The city of Jaipur possesses the pride of being the 1st designed city of India.

There are numerous hotels in Jaipur. Among all, the Alsisar haveli is a beautiful lodging that will grab your attention immediately. It is considered to be one of the best hotels in Jaipur.

Alsisar Haveli takes the pride of being one of the best five star hotels in Jaipur. This is the oldest Haveli amongst all legacy hotel properties of the “Alsisar Group of Hotels”. Alsisar haveli, the grand 5 star hotel in Jaipur was originally a richman’s property that was built around1892. Later, this Haveli was refurbished to excellence. This luxury Inn was transformed into a superior heritage hotel in the year 1994. Being one of the best hotels in Jaipur, the Alsisar Haveli is positioned away from the hustle and bustle of the pink city. This luxury hotel has been traditionally re-established by including all the magnificence of the time-honored ‘Rajput’ structural designs. The heritage Haveli has tranquil bays, abundant vegetation and sprawling courtyards. This luxury Haveli assures to offer a thrilling experience to its guests and imprisons the anecdote of a different era.


This luxury hotel is exactly situated in the ‘Sansar Chandra Road’ of Jaipur. The Alsisar Haveli reamains to be a wonderful hub to take a visit to the most important tourist spots eye-catching Forts, monuments, Hawa Mahal, splendid City Palace, Amer, Jantar Mantar, Jaigarh fort and Nahargarh fort.

History of the Alsisar Haveli Hotel

Before 5 centuries, the great combatant “Maharao Shekhaji” who was the grandson of “Maharaja Udaikaran” of Amer established a ‘sub-division’ that is prevalently known as the “Shekhawat” town in Rajasthan now. The “Alsisar group of Hotels” is actually owned by this the Shekhawat division of the “Kachawa” clan of ‘Rajputs’ kings. In actual fact, the descendants of the same family have modernized and renovated a number of ancient family manors (Havelis) into modern hotels in Rajasthan. They own several ‘high-end’ hotel properties also. The “Alsisar group of Hotels” strives hard to bestow its guests a real flavor of genuine ceremonial magnificence together with latter-day amenities.


The 5 Star luxury hotel Alsisar Haveli, has a wide-ranging collection of about 45 charmingly designed and attractively built, well-resourced guest rooms that is equipped with all present-day amenities such as, Attached bath tubs & showers with 24/7 running hot & cold water supply and individual temperature control.

The luxury hotel rooms at the Alsisar Haveli are planned with elegance of the time-honored Rajput construction. All the hotel rooms are a real spectacle to observe. The hotel rooms reflect the prosperity and opulence of the ancient palaces in which the crowned heads of the Alsisar lived. Sophistically-imprinted picture beds, traditional furniture and subtle Rajasthani designs on fabrics delightfully augment the real experience of Rajasthan. The rooms of this five star hotel property reconstruct a zest of luxury existence for the guests. The attention-grabbing view of the “Sheesh Mahal” from the hotel rooms creates a royal ambience and offers a wholesome self-indulgence to the guests. This luxury hotel in Jaipur offers hotel rooms at different prices. A Single bed Room costs 4200 INR, a Double bed Room costs 5300 INR and a Deluxe Room costs 6200 INR at the luxury hotel, the Alsisar Haveli.

Room Amenities and Facilities

Telephone A.C.
TV Laundry Service
Power Back up Doctor on call
Money Exchanger Travel Desk
Car Parking Swimming Pool
Reading Area Multi Cuisine Restaurant
Travel Guide Free internet
Bar Wi-Fi High speed Internet

Royal Dining Facilities at Alsisar Haveli:

The Grand multi-cuisine restaurant at the Alsisar haveli offers delicious American Breakfast, Continental breakfast, authentic Rajasthani ‘Thali’ meal at lunch and a special dinner. The food is served at the Haveli’s fabulous dining hall. You will get the feel of a Maharaja when you dine in the restaurant’s majestic dining hall.

Hotel Services and other Facilities at Alsisar Haveli:

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