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Ramada Hotel, Jaipur

Ramada Jaipur is another name of luxury hotel in the royal city Jaipur. While traveling to city feel satiated and comfortable by just booking this hotel and rest about your accommodation is taken cared by the hotel. The services are impeccable and the staff takes care of your each and every need.

Ramada is located in the busiest market of the city, Raja Park and is counted among the luxury hotels of the city. The hotel offers luxury hospitality with best offers and services to you.

Hotel Details :

The multi storied building has a number of exciting indulgences, the dining of the hotels the bars and the pubs in the hotel premises are a major hit and must try. The different dining outlets offered by the hotel are exotic and one can simply enjoy after experiencing the exoticness of the place.

Rooms :

Room features : Rating
Location Govind Marg Raja Park, Jaipur, 180007, India
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All around the World : The fine dining restaurant of the hotel offers cuisines from all around the world hence visitors coming from around the globe, if want to indulge into their local delights can simply avail the amenities and Chef’s talent of taste blends at the All around world restaurant.

Location : Lobby Level
Opening Hours : 0630-2345 Hours (last order 2345 hours)
Cuisine : World Cuisine

Altitude : The grill and barbeque section of the hotel, all the delightful delicacies can be tasted at this section of the hotel

Location : Terrace
Cuisine : Grill and Barbeque
Opening Hours : 1930-2345 hours (closed on Tuesdays)

The Fire Ball : The Disc-bar of the hotel this section is the hype of the hotel, visitors are welcome to enjoy the facilities of the hotel.

Location : Lobby Level
Cuisine : Pre Plated
Opening Hours : Disc 1200-2400 hours

Tulsi : The Indian cuisine influenced restaurant is all about Indian spices and tastes. People wanting and gourmets of Indian cuisine should take and comfortable seat and glance at the indigenous menu of the restaurant. The restaurant has all Indian delights be north Indian, South Indian, Rajasthani or Punjabi Cuisine, Tulsi caters to all your Indian gastro intestinal wishes.

Banquet Hall and Meeting Rooms

Jupiter, Mars, Naptune, Galaxy, Venus are some of the meeting rooms and banquet halls of the hotel which have different dimensions and accommodating capacity.

Location of the hotel : Govind Marg, Raja Park.

The hotel is located in the busiest market of the city, Raja Park which is an add-on. People staying in the hotel can easily reach to the Raja Park Market also avail the all necessities which are available in this area. The hotel can be reached very easily and is just 15minute drive from Air port and Railway Station.

Why Ramada?

Ramada is among the top luxury hotels of the city, which is famous and known for its impeccable hospitality and services. The staff and the members of the hotel are humble and ready to help you out and make sure that you stay at your best comfort level and no compromise should be done during your stay. Hospitality services are the top most priority while staying at a hotel and so does this hotel has a bench mark on the scale. The hotel is embellished with all kinds of amenities and top luxury supplies which make the hotel counted among the top ones. One needs to visit the places and taste the true blend of imperial services and facilities.

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