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Rajasthan – Royal Palaces modernized into sumptuous Hotels


Crowning Grandeur of Rajasthan – Royal Palaces modernized into sumptuous Hotels

An inimitable approach to understand India’s captivating legacy and tradition is to book your stay in one of splendid palace hotels of the nation. In point of fact, these imperial hotels were previously the dwelling of India's renowned crowned heads. Some of these palaces still serve as the abode for the next generation of the royal family. However, in the recent times, these glorious palaces have been rehabilitated into hotels so as to support the survival of the imperial families. The inevitability for such renovation as well as the undulation of India's fortresses can be mapped out through country’s ever-sprouting olden times.

The Royal establishments of Ancient palaces and the Revolution:

A long time ago, India was a broadly divided nation that comprised of mind-boggling 565 realms. The prosperous and most ostentatious monarch of these kingdoms was the courageous Rajput kingdom that was placed in the wilderness of Rajasthan. Currently India's most affluent palace hotels can be spotted in Rajasthan. Also, the rule of British in India largely donated to the construction of sumptuous royal residences, chiefly in India's popular hill stations. These hill asylums were once the favorite run aways of the Kings throughout the summer season to flee from the inexorable heat. Subsequent to the British rule, India got its sovereignty in the year 1947. Later, all the states amalgamated into the “Republic of India”. At that juncture, numerous regal mansions of British were acquired by the Indian imperial families who used them as their summer retreat. In 1971, the Indian Constitution put a stop sign to all the royal classes in the country. As a result, all the dignified rights of the royal families were introverted and a small number of palaces and manors were maintained by former imperial families and some were sold or chartered to the popular hotel chains. Nevertheless, India owns some beautiful palace hotels at the moment where guests can enjoy their stay to experience the genuine lifestyle of former monarchs.

1. Palace hotels in Jaipur

A few of the oldest and optimum palace hotels can be found in Jaipur, the Pink city of Rajasthan. These palaces are insightful of Jaipur’s affluent crowned heads who lived in them in the past. In essence, Jaipur is a conurbation that every vacationer would be excited to make a stopover. The beautiful Palaces in Jaipur that are transformed into jaipur hotels have lately been converted into reverie wedding places as well. It’s amazing to feel like an emperor for a day and reside in a palace by forgetting all the hassles in the life.

2. Palace hotels in Jodhpur

Jodhpur, the blue city of Rajasthan does not dwell numerous palace hotels similar to other metropolis of Rajasthan. However, it does possess some astonishing palace hotels.

3. Palace hotels in Udaipur

Udaipur, the dreamy city of Rajasthan is famous for its striking palaces and serene lakes. Udaipur is probably the most excellent city in India for a stay that is evocative of crowned heads. In Udaipur, there are countless palace hotels to pick from. Some of the famous palace hotels are:

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