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Hotel Mansingh

Hotel Mansingh, Jaipur

Royalty is what all we can say about Pink city or Jaipur. The place with a perfect blend of tradition and culture carried out from old times till today with. It has vibrant colors in it to make it rich in its heritage. And people love to visit such kind of places to have a look and make them a go through the luxury and heritage with royalty. Jaipur has been a hot spot for all tourists since long back. So if it is so famous for all forts and monuments so isn’t it a good idea of experiencing it by living that aristocratic life yourself? Yes of course it is without any doubts in our minds and heart. It’s a dream come true for everyone who loves to travel and to go through adventurous of life. So here we come up with a brilliant idea of why not living in with all pomp and show equivalent to a King. Hotel Mansingh of Jaipur is all with royal splendor. The warmth and comfort offered here is waiting for your presence with delighted hearts.

Hotel Details : it’s a Hotel cum Resort as in you can enjoy all exotic assorted and sumptuous life here. The hotel includes an open pool to give you take the chance of enjoying the natural resource – sun with another – water. It also give you to be active in vigor exercises by offering you a well equipped gym with all gym machines necessary for a perfect work out. Jacuzzi is a wow factor of this place. Board rooms are a necessary thing for all hotels which is available here with all basic facilities. And the lavish dining feeding you with fantastic and mouth watering food is a must to mention here. Hightz lounge Bar is a cherry on pie as it gives all branded and magnificent drinks with lovely snacks to munch upon. Rating
Location Sansar Chandra Road, Jaipur, 302001, IN
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Rooms :

Room features :

Restaurants : The most awaited thing to talk about.

Hightz : A lounge bar offering all drinks with lavish food to go with. A place to completely enjoy with your friends and hangout to be a fun part. Music and splendid ambience make you feel lively and great. You can have drinks chit chat with your friends to be taking out time from your busy schedule as well. Rejuvenating your life again is something everyone longs for. Here you can aval those moments of life. A place good for small parties with friends or get together.

Ripples : A coffee shop for all saying no to drinks or cocktails. A place also good for young couples and friends. It offers lavish and authentic Chinese food which is a favorite for all young ones and big ones as well. Outdoor outing makes you enjoy the weather also side by side with food. Smoking area is also available for all ash-lovers. Wi-Fi also offered for net surfers with good speed. What all you want from a restaurant?

Bar-be-Queue : At pool side on request with delicious foods offered with your favorite and loving drinks in water relaxing your body and giving yourself a sigh of relief. So you can say that Whoa that this is yes what I longed for from years. The experience of exoticness makes us feel on 9th cloud, we all know that.

Address : Sansar Chandra road, Jaipur – 302001

Indeed a stay here is worth to experience once and let them also give you immense satisfaction by your happiness and joyful faces. Enjoy the delighted and comfortable stay at this hotel with all pleasures. We assure you will appreciate your stay and make your trip a memorable one.

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