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Location – Kanti nagar, Near Polo victory Cinema, Jaipur.

If you searching for some Cheap budget hotels in Jaipur, the best and top option which you cannot deny will be Golden Hotel, Jaipur.

At a less budget plan you can take advantage of all the basic comforts and necessities of the hotel which are offered to the visitors at very rates. Also the hotel keeps offering attractive offers time to time. At a minimum distance from both the Jaipur Railway station and Bus Stand, this hotel an avid stoppage among the travellers looking for budget hotel. It is around 13 Km away from the Jaipur Airport. The hotel being a budget hotel has taken care of all the major necessities in mind.

  1. Hotel and room details
  2. Free toiletries, microwave and safety locker is provided in each of the room
  3. All the rooms were renewed in the past year; hence all the rooms were embellished with Air conditioners, LCD TV’s and Wi-Fi. Many offers are being prompted to the visitors which include discounting the tariff and many complimentary gifts.
  4. And when searching for budget stays, it will be a heavenly feeling to get a 50% discount, isn’t it?

Hotel Services and Facilities-

Why Golden Hotel

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