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Ummaid Mahal, Jaipur

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A luxurious heritage hotel, Ummaid Mahal is one of the sister hotel branch of Ummaid Palaces. It is one of the finest luxury hotel of the city which elaborately depict the beautiful and traditional customs and décor of the royal city.

The gold décor of the hotel reflects the gorgeous decoration customs of the royal Rajasthan. Ummaid Mahal offers all the amenities and facilities to you so that you can avail the each of the facility according to your best self. The best of the facilities are available to the visitors also additional facilities are available to guests on request. Rating
Location C-20/ B-2 Bihari Marg, Jai Singh Highway, Opp Lane of KP Automotive, Bani Park.
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The hotel is adorned with a enthralling restaurant “Taikhana”, the place is an exotic destination to indulge in the exotic cuisines of the city. Taikhana is a multi cuisine restaurant which is accessorized with royal and trad5tional interior décor also the gold décor of the restaurant reflects the captivating beauty of traditional Rajasthan. The restaurant’s extension lies the modern and the hype retsro lounge gar of the hotel. The bar has a wide collection of finest of alcohols from the world.

Hotel Features-

Huge exotic hotel with 29 exotically huge rooms with fine interiors and furnishings.

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