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Best 10 Hotels In Jaipur

hotels in jaipur

Royal presence of the elegance of the city is what describes Pinkcity. The travellers have always taken a keen interest in the culture of Jaipur. Talking about the hotels in Jaipur, it seems to be a mandatory thing when travelling to Jaipur. The tourist must be aware of the best hotels in Jaipur that can help them revitalize their mood and taste with the royal touch of the city. Every best hotel in Jaipur emphasize on the best illustrative techniques and paradigms to follow in order to ensure the dignity tour for guests. When travelling to any city, one thing that bothers the most is hotel tariffs. But under this segment, Jaipur hotels offer the best quality value services under the budget of guests. Nothing goes beyond  the pocket capital of any person. The word “compromise” is not included in the dictionary of the hotels of Jaipur. In other words, they ensure the best trip filled with royally and dignity to every guests. From the first step entering to the hotel to the check out, every guests is served with the quality just like to serve as almighty. This page is an opportunity to every visitor planning their trip to Jaipur listing the best ten hotels of Jaipur.

Top 10 Hotels in Jaipur Location Exclusive Deals

Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur 5star

Raj Vilas, Goner Road, Jaipur – 302016, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Rambagh Palace 5star

Bhawani Singh Road, Jaipur – 302005, Rajasthan (India)

ITC Rajputana 5star

Nr. Railway Station, Jaipur – 302006 Rajasthan (India)

Jai Mahal Palace 5star

Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur – 302006, Rajasthan (India)

Choki Dhani Resort 4star

12 Miles, Tonk Road Via Vatika, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303905, India

Le Meridien 5star

1 RIICO Kukas, Jaipur – 303101, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Shiv Villas 5star

Village Kukas, Jaipur – 303101, Rajasthan (India)

Ramada Hotel 4star

Govind Marg, Raja Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Clarks Amer 4star

Post Box No. 222, J.L.N. Marg, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Mansingh 4star

Sansar Chandra Road, Jaipur – 302001, Rajasthan (India)

The best hotels in Jaipur are

Oberoi Raj Villas

hotels in jaipurRaj Villas is a typical trip of royalty and rich heritage of Jaipur under one roof. Raj Villas offers the best ambiance to feel the culture and traditions of Jaipur but rather with the extreme level of 5-star luxury. This hotel only talks about luxury services. The guests living in this hotel are served the royal entities of Jaipur. The lifestyle in the hotel resembles to the Ruling era of Maharaja Jai Singh II who was the founder of Jaipur. the interiors and services of the hotel offers the true beauty of Jaipur through amazing carved paintings, sculptures and many other forms of art. Raj Villas is ranked as the third best hotel in Asia and 8th best hotel in the world. supposedly the ranking of the hotel speaks everything about the same. according to the priority list, it is ranked number 1 in the list which helps guests to end their journey to Jaipur filled with unforgettable luxurious moments symbolizing the rich heritage of Pinkcity.

Hotel Rambagh Palace
hotels in jaipurRambagh Palace serves as on of the taj hotels of India in Jaipur. its furnished interiors services and exquisite textures makes is a complete exemplar of rich heritage of Jaipur placing it at number 2nd position in the list. the hotel aims at providing every single services required to make the guests comfortable and filled with luxury. The attributes and features of the hotel which makes it a unique hotel is embraced in the surrounding of the hotel along with the soft spoken staff. The staff of the hotel is well trained to treat the guest as if they are greeting almighty.the features of the hotel includes luxury rooms, fine dining, spa and galleries. Along with these, the hotel is a perfect destination to the corporate meeting and parties serving under the roof of royalty and dignity.
ITC Rajputana
hotels in jaipurITC Rajputana is the name of the Rajput dynasty who founded the city Jaipur. Maharaj Jai singh II was a ITC Rajputana prince who founded the city Jaipur. as the name f the hotel suggest, it offers the ambiance of ITC Rajputana realm under one roof. Talking about its services like luxury rooms, spa, dining hall, swimming pool and many other are served under the lapse of luxury and dignity poured with ITC Rajputana ambiance. The interiors and exterior of the hotel shares the dell glimpse of Jaipur art in the form of paintings, statues and other sculptures. That thus it serves the number 3rd position in the list.
Jai Mahal Palace
hotels in jaipurJai Mahal Palace shares the Vast and Wide Premises which contain the Fragrance of the Typical Traditions in each and every section of the Palace. one work which completely describes this hotel is “vast dignity”. This hotel is situated in a vast premises offing the fragrance of typical traditions of Jaipur. each and every segment in the hotel offers the luxury essence of royalty filled with Rajputi customs. A person who deeply understand the beauty of the palace is gradually lost in this exemplar of purity with richness. Even a needle size entity of the hotel serves the rich heritage culture of the city. And thus it serves s number 4th in the list of best hotels.
Choki Dhani Resort
hotels in jaipurThe number 5th in the lit is the Choki Dhani Resort which is one of the best resort in Jaipur embracing the true culture of Rajasthan. the resort involved the destiny to feel and groom in the traditions of Jaipur which includes folk dances, cuisines and lifestyle of typical Rajasthani people. The resort offers the best evening time in the resort which talks bout the lively environment which serves their values in typical Rajasthani style.
Le Meridian
hotels in jaipurLe Meridian also shares one of the biggest premises in hotel which embrace the true culture of Rajasthan. even a Durban standing to greet the guests in the hotel is appealed with Rajasthani clothes and bend down to greet the guests. The bending down and joining hands is the part of tremendous culture of Rajasthan to greet people with respect and honor. The whole premises, interiors and walls of the hotel is a combination of Rajasthani culture along with modernised services which helps in providing the the hone like surrounding to the tourists.
Hotel Shiv Villas
hotels in jaipurNear to le meridian is the hotel shiv villas which offers the royal interiors and cuisines. This hotel serves as the finest destinations in hotel. the lifestyle in the hotel is the fusion of old and new culture which assist the rich heritage of Jaipur along with modernisation. The hotel is a treat to every guests to want to embrace the rich culture f Jaipur but doesn’t want to compromise with their own style of living. and thus, this hotel is ranked number 7 in the list of best hotels.
Ramada Hotel
hotels in jaipurHotel Ramada is the 4 sttar hotel in Jaipur with provides a pleasant environment of traditions of Jaipur along with formal fragrance of modern style of living. this fusion can be felt under one roof of Hotel Ramada. This hotel serves the number 8 position in the best hotels in Jaipur.
Hotel Clarks Amer
hotels in jaipurClarks Amer is situated on JLN Marg Near Malviya Nagar. Clarks Amer is best suited for corporate meeting and parties which offers the essence of modern style of living. the hotel is the best destination which serves the formal and corporate touch in the premises. The hotel overall speaks of the formal building which helps in more of link building in the society. This hotel serves as number 9th in the list.
Hotel Mansingh
hotels in jaipurThis hotel is named after one of the kings of Jaipur Maharaja Mansingh and it is bound to serve the rich services to the guests. The lifestyle under this hotel offers the quality served with quantity. The interiors and surrounding of the hotel serves the best ambiance to feel the dignity and honor that this city shares with the part of the hotel. the rajput culture and pride is what this hotel aims for. and thus it is ranked as number 10th in the list of best 10 hotels in Jaipur.

These are the best 10 hotels in Jaipur which serves their quality value without compromising with the expectations and level of comfort of guests. The quality and quantity are the two factors which these hotels best aims for. the exclusiveness of the hotel is served by the tariffs which talks under the budget of the hotel. the book now caption offers comparatively less tariif offers to the guests than normal. So what are you waiting for? just pack you bags and begin your journey to the golden rich heritage of Jaipur.. The “book now” services helps in surfing the lowest prices available for the tariffs of these best 10 hotels. lists the best Hotels of Jaipur, still we request guests/tourists to book Hotels after reading their policy. Booking Links on the site will take you the site TravelNow [dot] com.

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