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hotels in jaipur

Hotel Mohan, Jaipur

Snuggled up in the colonial metropolis of Jaipur, Mohan, a 4 star hotel showcases the cultural prosperity of the city along with its extravagantly designed guest rooms. Resourced with latter-day facilities and amenities, a stay at Hotel Mohan leaves [...]

Hotel Karawan, Jaipur

Karawan is one among the top developing hotel chains in country’s hospitality sector that encompasses Forts, Resorts and Hotels. Karawan, a grand 4 star hotel property in India offers a unique experience of novelty, innovative design, and terrific [...]

Hotel Mansingh Towers, Jaipur

Mansingh Towers, a 3 star hotel in Jaipur was mainly built for accommodating business travelers from all over the world. This luxury hotel is planned to unite leisure time with business. Mansingh Towers, a budget hotel in Jaipur assures the [...]

The Saneer, Jaipur

The Saneer, a four star boutique hotel and private apartment is owned by a big group of superior serviced apartment in the Pink city of Jaipur. The sociability of the host is the chief aspect to be mentioned about this 4 star hotel. Saneer, a budget [...]

Hotel Hayat Rabbani, Jaipur

Hayat Rabbani, a 4 star hotel in Jaipur is a division of the famous “Rabbani Group” and is acknowledged for its traditional hospitality. Initially, the Rabbani group started its line of business with “Unani Medicine” in the pink city of [...]

Emerald Garden Club Ltd, Jaipur

The Emerald garden club, a four star Inn in Jaipur offers a sociable, specialized private run away for the elite contentment of the guests and members. This luxury hotel in Jaipur clings to the culture and tradition of Rajasthan to serve as a [...]

Chirmi Palace Hotel

Chirmi Palace Hotel, Jaipur Chirmi Palace, a 3 star hotel in Jaipur is a very ancient residence of regal family members of Chomu. This budget hotel is more or less 150 years old. This palace was the dwelling of the family members of the Chomu, who [...]

Hotel Kailrugji

Hotel Kailrugji, Jaipur: Hotel Kailrugji is one of the primitive houses in a hushed suburban city state if Jaipur. Kailrugji, a 4 star hotel in Jaipur was established by “Shrimati Kailash Kanwar” when her husband went for a combat in the 1965 [...]

Hotel Galaxy

Hotel Galaxy, Jaipur The imperial heritage of Jaipur city, an entrance to multi-colored state of Rajasthan that’s affluent in its inheritance, civilization, olden times and tributes cordially greets its guests at Hotel Galaxy. In line with the [...]

Maxima Resorts

Maxima Resorts, Jaipur Maxima Resort, a 2 star hotel in Jaipur is the recently constructed hotel in Pink city. It is an exceptionally well-located hotel to stay for the duration of your visit to Pink city. Maxima Resort is positioned very near to [...]