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world’s most magnificent on-ground tribute

Jaipur Literature Festival 2022

Day 3 of the world’s most magnificent on-ground tribute to literature unfolds in Jaipur 

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Preceded by a power-packed day 2 on-ground, with speakers from across the Indian subcontinent & the world, today was another memorable day at the 15th Jaipur Literature Festival. Notable sessions on Day 2 had included one on award-winning Norwegian writer Jan Grue’s soul-stirring memoir, I Live a Life Like Yours – about ‘the work of being myself in the world’, and another one on celebrated author Pavan K. Varma’s latest book, The Great Hindu Civilisation, that unravels the texts and legacies behind this ancient civilization and its many layers and belief systems.  

Day three of the world’s biggest ‘hybrid’ literary festival began with a soulful introduction to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama by writer, television producer-director, documentary filmmaker, and personal student of the Dalai Lama for whom he manages the Foundation for Universal Responsibility, Rajiv Mehrotra. The session spoke about the harmony between the mind, body, and soul. Mehrotra shared a combination of breathing exercises, correcting body posture, and a few tips to keep the mind at peace. Morning Music was graced by The Aahvaan Project where the group presented a philosophy of love, humanity, and kindness and created a space for harmony with their unique ability of storytelling through music. 

Today’s highlights: 

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