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Indo-Russian Gemstones consumer-supplier gathering

Indo-Russian Gemstones consumer-supplier gathering in Jaipur!!

In history, Indo-Russian is arranging a Studded Jewelry and multicolored gemstones consumer and supplier convene (BSM) in Jaipur, Rajasthan in the pasture of Gems and Jewelery for the first time. The popular “Gem & Jewelery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC)” is the chief host of this grand occasion. This 4 days event took place from December 8th to December 11th of the year 2013. This event bestowed a great platform to establish business likelihood for the Indian companies and Russian dealers who are working in the gemstones grouping. This event as considered to be one of the foremost attempts of GJEPC to endorse gemstone business between the 2 major countries that was held in Jaipur, the nucleus of colored gemstones in India.

Chairman’s speech:

Mr. Vipul Shah, the Chairman of “Gem & Jewelery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC)” declared that the Indio-Russian business has been mounting from the time when India exported 10 million US dollars worth of gem & jewelery to Russia in the year 2012. After mentioning Russia as one of the chief budding countries for gem and jewelery and the attempts of Indian Industry to counterfeit affiliate and breakthrough the region, he declared that, “The foremsot Indo-Russian Gemstones BSM will offer an exclusive chance for traders and producers to communicate and book the orders for the upcoming years.” The Most important Indian manufacturers and exporters from Jaipur participated in this multihued gems gathering.

Target of the Gathering:

This meet is also targeted at involving importers, huge retail strings and Russian wholesalers so as to augment business opportunities and set up exclusive networks between Russia and India. More than 15 first-rate colored gemstones and jewelery makers from India and vendors from Russia took part in this grand event. Business presentations, deliberations, face to face meetings with vendors, industrial unit visits in Jaipur were also organized for this 2 days event in pink city.

President’s speech:

The “Gem & Jewelery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC)” in conjunction with Moscow Diamond Bourse (MDB), its Russian complement, organized this vital gathering in Jaipur. Mr. Alex Popov, the President, MDB declared that “India together with its massive latent to provide high-class gemstones shall furnish to the increasing claim in Russian markets. He also added that “In conjunction with GJEPC, they have productively organized 2 productive Buyerand Seller gatherings and probably they hope to duplicate the success tale once more.”

Participants of the event:

Foremost Indian manufacturers and exporters from pink city were eagerly expected to take part in the meeting. In addition, large retail chains, retailers and importers, from Russia joined the meeting to increase the business opportunities and construct awesome networks within Russian business.

Some of the important Indian participants who participated in the meet are given below:

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