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Chintan Shivir


The conclave of discussion, which has been hosted in the royal capital city of Rajasthan, has been in the news for past two days. The royal city is all set for the big event, the city was once chosen for the 55th National Convention and now for this major serious discussion about the country, the capital city has been opted. Jaipur has been hosting many important meets, conclaves, discussions and has been successful and has created a bench mark and now is known among those developing cities.

Rajasthani Cuisine in the discussion

The food and the snacks served during the Shivir will be strictly vegetarian; also the Minister in charge has told that there will be hint of Rajasthani Cuisine in the 2day conclave. Food and snacks served at the Birla Auditorium and the different places where the guests are staying will be continuously being offered with food, snacks and beverages in which Rajasthani food will take a toll.

Dal, Batti Churma, Gatte ki sabzi, Mirchi ki chutney, Lassi, Ghewar, Malpue etc will be served to the guests in the discussion

The Royal Hospitality Services

The city is known for its heritage luxurious hotels and yes, it is now serving hospitality to the political leaders who have been in the city for the Conclave. There is a long list of hotels where these dignified delegates have been assigned to stay through the Shivir.

Pink city warmly welcomes the honorable Ministers and delegates for the meet and hope to see a positive aftermath of this meeting.

Almost a decade ago

Exactly from 65 years ago, Piunkcity payed the hist for the 55th national Convention in December 1948, the marble statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled which stands at the Gandhi Nagar Circle today.

After a decade the ruling government of the country will sit for a cogitating conclave in the capital city of Rajasthan, to talk about the redesigning of the part. This redesigning of the party came out to be a major demand as the emerging socio-political demands of blending the youth in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

These are the discussions on the agenda for the Chinta Shivir

 Approximately 347 delegates, 13 CM’s from Congress ruling party will be participating in the discussions in 5 sub groups


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be shifting to the capital city for the next three days for the conclave Whereas Sonia Gandhi will be addressing the first day discussion meet at the Birla Auditorium. Chintan Shivir may project Rahul Gandhi as the leader for the 2014 Electoral battle with discussions for two days.

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