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SEZ Mahindra World City

As a special economic zone designed to foster international business, the Mahindra World City special economic Zone features a variety of global businesses. With its ease of communications, state of the art technology and facilitated commerce, Mandindra has attracted a number of large global companies over the years.

The World City is designed from the ground up to provide a health business community, including important lifestyle amenities such as quality housing, medical care, shopping and recreation. Designed around natural green spaces, the area is easily accessible via transportation, and offers an important partnership between private companies and local government.

As a designated economic zone, it is free of tariffs and restrictions that affect other areas, as designated under the EXIM Policy adopted in 2000. The Special Economic Zones were a produce of reforms passed in 1991 to help make India more competitive in global commerce, and enabling international companies to open offices in the country.

Today, Mahindra World City is one of many SEZs throughout the country which have been adopted since 2005, when the policies were finalized. In fact, there are over 450 special economic zones throughout India, offering income tax reductions for corporations and workers, along with tax advantages that aim to foster growth in the export economy.

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