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People and Traditions of Jaipur

People and Traditions of Jaipur

People of Jaipur

Jaipur though it is advised to escape from ‘marwadis‘ in the whole world, but the people of the Pink city are the exception. The people of the Pink city are scattered all over the world. They are leading from Bollywood to Hollywood & from Delhi to America. People of the Pink city are of persuasive nature. There is a grandeur in their diet and lifestyle.Not only the quote is sweet but they have a kind heart also. It is the reason why a tourist who comes from different cities feels the affection.

Traditions of Jaipur

The traditions of Pink City is as colorful as the city. The biggest tradition of here is adulation of diet. The Banquet hospitality is addressed ‘Jeeman‘ in Pink city. Nuclear Family concept is at a distance from the city.In the walls today also we can see the three generations cast into the common hearth in a small house.

The Goth of Dal Bati Churma is well known all over the world. The convening of ‘Paush bada‘ invites the ‘upad‘ stove in the month of ‘paush,' which means that in the whole village hearth will not be burned, all are welcomed to the event. In Jaipur, if one gets married, one is likely to be engaged for the whole year. The married couple is full of ‘Jeeman‘ on all Teej, festivals and other occasions throughout the year.There are many stories and sayings on Jaipur's ‘Jyonar‘ also.

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