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Architecture in Jaipur

As a rapidly growing city, Jaipur has a mixture of local architectural features, along with traditional Indian architecture. As a result, many travelers enjoy the modern infrastructure and ancient Indian buildings, which make for an enjoyable combination for travelers.

Today, rapid development in the area has led to development of the Jaipur International Airport, which has world class amenities, features and structures. Travelers will notice the care that went into the design and layout of the airport upon entry.

One major feature of the city is its educational and technology institutions. In fact, the city is home to over 40 engineering colleges, many of which feature impressive designs, including the Malaviya National Institution of Technology. Medical research institutions also feature impressive designs, based on the latest technology. The city's infrastructure is based on a grid pattern, which is well maintained by the city, while ancient buildings and temples are looked after with a high level of care.

Visitors to the city will enjoy a wide variety of features and structures, showcasing the diverse growth of the city into a modern metropolis, while also maintaining its traditional structures and cultural institutions.

Video: Jal Mahal

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