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Royal Wedding at City Palace

Marriage is a single moment in the life of a person, marking a new beginning for years. In India, weddings are a source of great celebrations. Sometimes it lasts about weeks also. Special arrangements need to be done for doing a perfect Royal Wedding in a real way. Royal weddings need the floral decorations as well as lightening in a grand way.

City Palace is one of the most famous Palace, which lies in the heart of the Pink City. This palace is a blend of Rajasthani as well as Mughal architecture. The different Mahals in this palace are decorated with pillars, grills etc. Mughal Style is shown on the gates and walls of the Palace which contains lattice and mirrors in them which adds more beauty to the palace.

In City Palace special arrangements are done in order to fufill the needs of the people who are booking the halls for the wedding.

In fact, it is one of the ‘hot spots’, when it comes to the Royal Weddings. Royal Wedding in City Palace is popular with the Indians as well as the foreigners. Royal wedding in City Palace is a glamorous affair with beautiful architecture and culture which is spread all over.

Shannai Waadan is also one of the major things which must be included in royal Wedding. Royal Wedding includes ring ceremony, mehandi rasams, baarat procession, jai mala, reception of baarat, banquet, lagna mandap for fere as well as vidai. The cultural dance programs are also arranged to entertain the guests.

To make the wedding ceremony in Royal ways many couples come here for their wedding. Getting married in City Palace recreates royal magnificence and provides regal experience which lasts forever.

If regal is what you would expect for your wedding, make your wedding plan at City Palace in Jaipur. Caparisoned elephants, gaily-decorated horses and camels salute the guests at the Royal Entrance. As we all know that wedding have the lot of importance in our life, so couples spend lots of budget for creating their marriage the memorable one. Nowadays, City Palace in Pink City is one of the most famous places for Royal Wedding.

Even the preparations of the Royal weddings start before the actual day scheduled for the wedding ceremony. There are even experts who can provide their valuable opinions upon the proceeding of the wedding ceremony.

The wedding is full of color and amusement and is the time when all the members of the two families come together and get to know each other. Every couple dreams to celebrate their wedding in this traditional place. In Royal Weddings a couple can choose any way for their wedding style like Hindu wedding, Rajasthani wedding, Benagli wedding, Gujrati as well as other religions wedding.

Events which take place during the wedding include Elephant Polo, which is very interesting game and the guests can also participate in this game. It also includes the decorated camel parades, folk dances and lancers on the horseback. The elegant backdrop music is also provided by the Military Band. These games are also followed by a lunch or dinner.

The gracefully designed banquet halls that are provided by these forts and palaces are the main things that can make wedding a real memorable one.

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