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City Palace School Jaipur

The City Palace School has the main aim to create the best learning center for the students who are coming there to take education, to develop the skills in them which are necessary to become successful in their lives at all areas like personal, social, intellectual as well as physical. The school provides good and supportive environment to the children with academic skills and prepares the children to meet the new challenges in life with confidence. Competition for school is the second thing firstly they provide cooperative environment. Children are freely to choose their own subjects and the environment of each subject is according to the subject only. Children are also allowed to spend their time in the garden to develop their skills. Courtesy lessons are also a part of school.  Each class consists of 15 students and 2 teachers and a care taker is assigned to one classroom. No particular grades are given to the children but they are individually assessed by their earlier records. Progress reports are also given to the parents on yearly basis.

Dr. Maria Montessori is the principle of the school who has lots of knowledge on childhood education. Recognition of her concepts are throughout the world and influenced the mainstream education. School timings in summers are 8:00 am to 12 noon for LKG and UKG students  and 8:25 am to 12:30 pm in winters and 8:00am to 2:00 pm for classes 1st to 7th  in summers whereas in winter it’s from 8:25 am to 1:55 pm. School is scheduled from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are off for students.

Punctuality is basic thing which is required in school. All students should be on time in classes if they are coming late they have to directly meet the Principal. The principal and teachers pleased to see the parents of the students. No child can leave the school without their parents or guardians. If someone wants to take his child before school timing prior permission from the office is required. Parents are requested to send an application leave to the school if their child is not coming to school. Children are required to bring their lunch boxes with the name written on them. Children are taken out for outdoor activities and it is compulsory for every child to take part in outdoor activity unless he/ she is not well. The school believes that discipline is the best thing which every school should posses for maintaining self- esteem. All students are supposed to be in the school uniform when they come to school.

Two report cards are issued in a year one in October and another one in March. The accomplishments of each student are individual and it should not be compared with those of other students. Each child will have a cake provided by the school. Chocolates are permitted.  Pre-Primary classes students are provided with pencils and notebooks by school. If any child is ill or injured, school must know where to contact their parents. Therefore, accurate contact details are required in the school which you can give in the form which is provided by school in month of April, if there are any changes in between please contact in school office. The fees should be paid by Parents in four installments in January, April, July, and October by the 10th of each month. Payment should be made to “The Palace School Educational Society” and the cheque may be deposited either in the school accounts office or HDFC bank, Johari Bazaar, Jaipur. Cash deposits must be made in the bank only. Transport will be available depending on the number of children from any particular area. Routes charted by the school will not be entertained. In case, the parent finds the route unsuitable they can make arrangements by themselves. Transport fee is levied keeping the budget and all overhead expenses in view and is the sole discretion of the management.

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