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School closures disrupted standard ways of life

COVID-19 disrupted Educational System

School closures disrupted standard ways of life for children and parents. Everybody is now looking towards the government for the release of guidelines in favor of reopening schools.

Everybody feared that reopening schools may lead to the spread of the virus among children and may experience severe symptoms. Unlike every business, schools governed by intellectuals, and if opened, they may follow every level of precautions. The educated masses are in favor of opening schools to some extent.

School closures have disrupted usual ways of life for children and parents, and they have had adverse health consequences on our youth. The schools must reopen with recommendations like socially distancing, screening for coronavirus symptoms, not allowing sick to attend school in-person, and other measures possible to stop the transmission of coronavirus. The schools should be asked to prepare themselves for COVID-19 with the coordination of local health departments.

School administration also admits that “It's a tremendous problem. Schools have to open safely”. Most small private schools administration have now started thinking of closing the institution due to funds issue as parents are not depositing the fees and are waiting for the schools to reopen.

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