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Rajasthan Royals on Wheels

If you feel like going into the history and you want to feel the Maharaja luxury by yourself. It’s time to pamper you. The Royal heritage is waiting for you. The designers this time have come out with an exceptionally beautiful and extraordinary idea of royalty blended with comfort. Here we go with the idea to visit Historical Rajasthan with the combination of a designed train in the cotemporary theme. Designers have made sure that while travelling in this marvellous train you do feel like a Raja – Maharaja. This train originates basically from New Delhi and goes through magical trip of Royal forts of Rajasthan. In the whole visit there would be thousands of moments which will leave you mesmerized. This train covers famous spots in one trip. It won’t disappoint you and won’t even give you a chance to complaint.

The Royal train departs from New – Delhi and Ranthambore (Sawai – Madhopur) being the first destination for safari and come face to face with tigers and the historical fort belonged to Chauhan dynasty. Ranthambore National Park is famous for tigers. It is one of the best places in the whole world to come across a tiger. Ranthambore was formerly the hunting land for the Royal Maharajas. Next being Udaipur in the list make you feel paradise on earth with the eye captivating view of lakes increasing to its beauty with the fort standing firm from years. Then coming to Varanasi from state Uttar Pradesh will take your feet off from the ground by the holy waves of spirituality. This city is situated on the bank of holy Ganga. Then heading towards the capital of Rajasthan – Jaipur famous as Pinkcity. Here we get to see the traditional art and handicrafts. The foundation stone of this city was laid by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in the year 1727. Jaipur is also a hub of forts. Then coming to Wonders of the world one situated in Agra – Taj Mahal. It was constructed by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Although it has always been in critics about who constructed it? Is it a Lord Shiva Temple? But apart from all these things today it is remembered as a token of love. Eye captivating monument made of white marbles with a beautiful view of Yamuna flowing behind.

This journey will make you conversant with the birth place, forts – where they lived, their lifestyle, their culture, their traditions and the Royal times. To make you feel the royalty of kings and Maharajas of those times the atmosphere of the train tries to give you same ambience in means of interior, food, comfort and heritage in which you won’t feel less than a king or a queen of a province. To make this theme successful the royal train has the interior and exterior of each and every compartment decorated as if palace on wheels. This train would give you a lifetime memorable trip to cherish upon and in it you would feel the glorious history walking hand in hand with you.

To be noted –

You get 2 options to travel in Royal Rajasthan on wheels.

There are 14 suites available.

Deluxe Journey :

These suites are decorated in similar ways keeping the luxury and comfort in mind. Each and every thing of the suites has been given a traditional and heritage look which makes you feel excellent. To increase the glory of the compartments the beautiful traditional colours of Rajasthan are used with the handicrafts. Keep all your comforts in mind everything is established accordingly like feathery bedding, soft couch, study table and chair and all possible qualities which you would love to see in your furniture. The amazing thing about the train is that all compartments are named after a historical monument of Rajasthan like Hawa Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Surya Mahal, Moti Mahal etc. To increase the glory of Suites they have been given the colours of gemstones for example – ruby, pearl and sapphire which doubles the effect.

Super Deluxe Journey :

These coaches have been named as Taj Mahal. This coach is made to keep your royal living. Everything is taken so seriously and is worked out with so delicacy. Silk curtains, silk bed sheets are typical king size life. The furniture with fine artistic work. The king size bed is on the top list with standard comfort and very relaxing to lie down after a hectic day. The decoration is outstanding. Furniture with fine Turkish designs is eye captivating and on other hand very comfortable too. Two suites have named after 2 popular gemstones – Emerald and Diamond. It is very obvious that these Suites are also very sumptuous to your heart.

Dining Lounge :

In this Royal Rail there are two topnotch restaurants considering you taste specially – Swarn Mahal and Sheesh Mahal. The ceiling of Sheesh Mahal is decorated with splendid chandeliers, when they are lightened up the crystals of it make us remember of the Diwane – Khas Sheesh Mahal. The Restro – Bar made up of crystals and wood finely acquaint you with the mouth watering dishes. In Swarn Mahal to reflect like gold the whole place is worked with brass fantastically. When the happy, friendly and disciplined staff serve you in valuable crockery lively you yourself feel that you’re the King of a Province. These lounges are made with keeping in mind about the taste of tourists coming from all over the prosperous countries. This is the only reason why we get the most perfect wine of international level here. Except all these there is a board where eminent spa is given which helps you to be fresh in your whole tiring trip.

This train lets you be the King for a week and let you experience the royal heritage of Rajasthan. Being in train continuously makes you feel sensational and splendid.

Wish you luck for your King size trip.

Hope you enjoy it …

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