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Online Driving Licence in Jaipur

Right procedures to acquire your driving license in Jaipur In a proposal to make sure lucidity and simplicity in the application process for getting a driving license, Royal Rajasthan has launched an online process for citizens to submit applications for getting driving license. The online process to get hold of driving license has instigated from October 2012 in the vivacious city of Jaipur. Nevertheless, this process was launched in other divisional headquarters of Rajasthan around December 2012. Now, general public can go ahead and apply for their driving licenses through online. This is similar to the process of applying for their passports. Also, the Government of Rajasthan would soon launch a system to accept the driving license applications on the internet.

The right procedures for applying driving license through online are described below:


This brief, rapid and clear course of action is planned to save time & money of the citizens. It will also lend a hand to the populace escape nuisance at the hands of advertisement at regional transport offices. This online process of applying driving license certainly offers substantial advantages of e-governance to the general public.

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