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Night Life OF Jaipur

The Incandescent Night life of Jaipur!!

Even though the Pink-tinted walls of Jaipur have given the world famous nickname, “Pink city of Rajasthan” to it, the city shines luminously under the dazzling desert sun and never forgets to bestow a magical feel during the hours of darkness also. In essence, Jaipur, the Pink city of Rajasthan has a pulsating and inimitable nightlife. Without doubt, nightlife of Jaipur is as ceremonial as this multi-colored city. At night, the famous monuments in the region of Jaipur illuminate to give a delightful panorama to the charming city. The residents of this grandiose metropolis enjoy the nightlife in their own style. When the Pink city snuggles into the lap of dusk, the streets begin to shine with luminous lights and invite all people to have fun. In Jaipur, one can enjoy the nightlife by dining in ecstatic restaurants, shopping in malls, dancing, watching movies and so on. What’s more, one can enjoy the light music performances, traditional puppet shows and dances that still remain as the true exhibitors of Rajasthan's wealthy legacy.

Mesmerizing places at Jaipur to spend your evening:
•    Raj Mandir: Raj Mandir is one of the illustrious movie theatres of the nation. It is on Bhagwan Das Marg at the junction of M.I Road in Jaipur. This place presents excellent night shows on a regular basis to entertain the residents and tourists of Jaipur. This illustrious movie hall is functioning since 1970 and is mentioned as the “Show place of the country”. This place is ‘out of this world’ to glance at the hours of darkness while the multihued lights give Raj Mandir a magical appearance. A large number of spectators visit this place to watch a film in the theater’s sumptuous interiors that brims with intricate chandeliers and rich velvet upholstery.

•    Statue Circle: Statue circle is commonly known as the “Jai Singh Circle”. The limelight of the huge circle is a lavishly embroidered pergola that’s delimited by a refreshing fountain. This is a well-liked hangout place for Jaipur's inhabitants in the evenings.

•    Amar Jawan Jyoti: Amar Jawan Jyoti (everlasting flame) is in front of the Sawai Mansingh Cricket Stadium.  A huge bed of quartz crystals show the way to inner arches of the monument, while a duo of columns outlines the structure to give it an imperial manifestation. You can stretch your legs and adore the exquisiteness of the bright and vivid bed of crystals.

•    Welcome group Rajputaa Palace Sheraton: One can enjoy various shows of famous Puppeteers, Bhopa- Bhopi and Kalbelia dancers at the Welcome group Rajputana palace Sheraton to spend time in the twilight.

•    Ram Niwas Bagh: Ram Niwas Bagh is an ideal spot for Band music lovers. At this juncture, Tourism Department has re-energized the custom of playing Band yet again after the grand inauguration during the supremacy of “Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh” of Jaipur.

•    Jawahar Kala Kendra and Ravindra Manch: These are other 2 interesting spots where people can gaze at the unique shows of traditional Indian stage Plays & Arts and soak their evening in the matchless tradition and culture of Rajasthan.

Gleaming Night Clubs in Jaipur:
On the other hand, people who are fascinated about energetic nightlife of pink city should visit the various pubs and bars placed at diverse spots of Jaipur. The Bars & pubs in Jaipur are some of the most cheerful destinations in the city. All the bars & pubs along with their dazzling neon lights liven up to charm the night-time of the city. Lively DJ's at the night clubs whip up both domestic and international blend to provide a musical treat. You can leisurely relax on the couch and tap your feet to your favorite songs while sipping your favorite drink. You can observe people of dissimilar age groups here who are dressed up in fashionable and modish apparels who enjoy liveliness of these bars and pubs. Visiting the pubs and bars in Pink city are great ways to have an outlook of Jaipur’s real nightlife.
Some of the popular night clubs in Pink city are:
•    Café Kooba, C-Scheme: The special feature of Café Kooba is the rooftop. Along with its traditional Greek ambiance, this place is extremely comforting. Café Kooba is a favorite spot of several people as you can get amazing Beer here. The 1st floor dining area of this bar is decorated flamboyantly with framed facsimiles of traditional posters. With soothing lights, pillowed benches and heaps of hookahs, the roof top appears in such a way that it has been backboned right out of a panorama from 1001 Arabian Nights!! The 1st floor had been rehabilitated into a dance area that’s finsihed with club lighting and DJ.

•    SparK: The Spark can be found in the developed area of Jaipur in the vicinity of the Sanganer Airport. Spark is created with the perception of a “something-for-everyone” that also dwells a nightclub. You can spot a restaurant with rooftop & rainy-day seating to conduct private parties at Spark. You can follow the sound of pop-inculcated house music to reach the gateway of Spark’s club. At Spark, people simply have fun by dancing and rejoicing without any fuss. This scene is an invigorating relief from the showiness that’s very common in most nightclub-lovers of this era.

•    Fire Ball, Ramada Jaipur: By its short form TFB, the Fire Ball is a night club that is famous in Jaipur. It is inside the Ramada hotel in Jaipur. Contrary to the name “Fire Ball”, this night club actually has a very dim and dark setting. However, students and youngsters trip to the fast “Hindi remixes” at the FireBall.

•    B2B, Country Inn & Suites: B2B inside Country Inn & Suites is a whitewashed & subtly-bedecked night club. Contrasting to Spark & TFB, the customers at B2B appear to be a bit more matured and grown up. This place has an inflexible “couples-only” rule that makes it a finest place for juvenile couples who wish to experience a deliberate flee from the sight of the singles. B2B inside Country Inn & Suites is a least smoky and clean night club in Jaipur. This is the only night club where you can hear genuine house music without any “Bollywood or American pop” mix.

•    Chandravanshi Pavilion, Sheraton Rajputana Hotel: Chandravanshi Pavilion is an all day restaurant and club at Hotel Sheraton Rajputana, Jaipur. You will be overwhelmed by the “Pavilion’s high ceilings & al fresco designs which offers a spacious feel that guests need after spending hours of time in the overcrowded clubs of the city. An attractive aspect of this club is the 24-hour selection of menu that comprises everything from crunchy fried appetizers to elaborated Rajasthani “Thali”.

Jaipur is unquestionably has a “flourishing” nightlife panorama. Definitely, one may not come across any rash driving, drunken carousing on the streets of Jaipur. If you revisit Pink city in a few more years from this time, you can find even more gleaming nightlife (than now) and can tap your feet to a selection of music that broadens further than the Hindi, house and pop assortments in the twilight.

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