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Jaipur Handmade Paper

Jaipur's handmade products are famous throughout the world. There are two reasons for this. One-the eco friendliness of these products and two- their beautiful design. The increase in the awareness of their environment has increased the utilisation of eco friendly products by people.

Handmade sheets, handmade paper bags, handmade journals and notebooks, handmade photo albums and diaries, carry bags, gift boxes, stationery sets, lamp shades, photo frames and paper stars are made on a large scale in Jaipur. Ever since the use of plastic has been banned in Jaipur this paper is being used very frequently by everyone. Due to the increase in demand there has been regular production of handmade crocodile paper and handmade velvet paper. The beauty and creativity of these papers makes things look even more beautiful.

Come, lets learn about Jaipur's handmade paper- Jaipur has a long history of handmade paper. Jaipur's Kaagazi community prepare handmade paper in the Sanganer area. It is written in historical documents that even in the 14th century in the reign of Feroz Shah Tughlaq handmade paper was made. At that time handmade paper was used as the official stationery of the government of India. In the 16th century King Mansingh realised the importance of handmade paper in governance and brought the Kaagazi community to come dwell near the Saraswati river at Sanganer. Handmade paper needs clean water for its production, thus North India became the hub for its production.

In Jaipur, even today, handmade paper, a completely eco friendly paper, is used for matters of governance. This has been a historical tradition here. There are more than 60 handmade paper products available in the market now.

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