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5th Vision Rajasthan 2014

The Vision Rajasthan 2014 is the fifth expo that is being arranged by the “Friendz Exhibitions & Promotions Pvt Ltd” in the state of Rajasthan. In essence, the Vision Rajasthan 2014 is a 3 day event, which will conducted on the dates 17th, 18th and19th of February 2014 at the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Chomu in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Being a foremost trade fair, the Vision Rajasthan 2014 will take account of dissimilar theme expo in various pavilions. This trade fair will represent an assortment of industries in India and offers a display place to display their products and exclusive services to the farmers and agricultural industrialists.

Listing of Vision Rajasthan 2014 Expo:

Major agenda of 5th vision Rajasthan 2014:

The fifth Vision Rajasthan 2014 will endow with a range of organizations that acts as a platform to display their products and services to the agro and farmers capitalists. The 5th Vision Rajasthan 2014 will also endow with an exceptional display for Horticulture Mission for North East & Himalayan States; State Horticulture Missions; National Bamboo Mission, Agriculture Nodal Agencies; Departments of Various States; Harvesters / Tractors / International Seeds, Fertilizers, Agricultural equipment's Manufacturers, Cultivation, Pesticides Manufacturers; Irrigation and Farming Technologies suppliers; Fresh organic Fruits and Vegetable Suppliers; Progressive Farmers, Agribusiness Consultants, Consumers & other government sectors to display and talk about their most recent modernizations in Agriculture & Horticulture division.

The 5th Vision Rajasthan 2014 have the plans to offer an exceptional stage for handing out technologies suppliers, agro based companies, food processing division, associated technologies and service providers and government sectors to exhibit and thrash out their most up-to-date innovations in food sector in terms of technology, most modern developments and market knowledge in the processing, packaging and milling of foods.

Overall, the 5th Vision Rajasthan 2014 exhibition offers essential information in relation to various developments activities in the vital divisions, the technological progression that are created and available knowledge.

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