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Lehariya, The Vivacious shades from Rajasthan

With the commencement of monsoon, the barren land of Rajasthan gets prospered with green bed of flora, abundant festivals, carnivals and a different wave of shade, that is to say, Leharia, which is worn by every second person in this season of [...]

Yearly Summer Training Camp at the City Palace, Jaipur

Holidays are approaching, and the time for school going children to play a part in different summer activity classes. The Annual Summer Training camp conducted at the City Palace of Jaipur is well liked among locals and global tourists. This camp is [...]

Aari Tari Gota Kinari

A living cohort model supported through micro-credit that was released by ladies “Self-help groups (SHGs)” in the dirty Rajput-subjugated Jhund rural community of Jaipur district has caught the attention of the legislative body’s of [...]

Lip-smacking Rajasthani Munchies, Gourmet glee!!!

Rajasthani cooking was prejudiced mutually by the belligerent lifestyles of its citizens and the ease of use of the ingredients in this parched province. People preferred to eat the food that shall last for more than a few days and the food that [...]

Remarkable Rajasthani Women Who got pride to their State

The state of Rajasthan invokes divergent portraits of gleaming golden desert sand dunes, dried up landscapes, parched type of weather and nevertheless, the prosperous culture and gastronomy vivacious arts & crafts, action-packed momentous episodes, [...]

5th Vision Rajasthan 2014

The Vision Rajasthan 2014 is the fifth expo that is being arranged by the “Friendz Exhibitions & Promotions Pvt Ltd” in the state of Rajasthan. In essence, the Vision Rajasthan 2014 is a 3 day event, which will conducted on the dates 17th, 18th [...]