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Cuisine of every country plays an important role in its distinctive and unique culture and tradition. Food of every country is the basic element which is looked forwards by every international person when wanting to travel to the new country. Under this content, let’s talk about Mexican food in detail. The traditions of Mexico include one major component mainly Mexican food. The country Mexico offers the fusion of Meso-america along with European and Spanish style when it comes to cuisines. The staples food of the Mexican cuisine includes native corn, beans and chilly peppers. The met section of the staple foods includes beef, pork, chicken, goat and sheep with the mixture of cheese, herbs and spices which adds on to the aroma of the Mexican food. “Intangible cultural heritage” is the name titled to the Mexican food by UNESCO which in itself serves the unique and rich taste of the Mexican food. The basic element so Mexican food includes chilly pepper, hot sauces and cinnamon. Every Mexican dish includes the combination of these three as mandatory as these components describe the Mexican culture and texture in the food. Along with the basic component of food, the regional food of any country makes it a reason of its rich culture and traditions which helps it to become a famous component of culture. The regional cuisine of Mexico includes: Northern food:  The arid land of the northern part of Mexico serves the origination of the type of cuisine found in northern Mexico. The north Mexico is best suited for cattle, goats and sheep grazing which ultimately led to the popular dishes of this region which includes the components like beef sheep and goat. Other than meat, the most important dish in north Mexico is named as flour tortilla. The north Mexico region supports the large sized tortilla in the world because of the presence of wheat in the region of the land supports the cultivation of wheat best in this region. Oaxaca: Oaxaca is served as the foremost region in Mexico to experience the mixing of food and cooking. Vegetables are realized to grow in the central valley of Oaxaca along with the availability of seafood. And thus, Oaxaca offers the indigo style of food which includes chicken, pork and cheese. The major components of food in Oaxaca include its seven moles: black, yellow, little red, table cloth strainer, smoky stew, red and green. Yucatan:  Yucatan mainly describes the combination of food from Caribbean, central Mexico, European and middle eastern cultures worldwide. The main spice component in Yucatan is annatto seed which is also called as achieve in Spanish. It offers the peppery aroma and taste to the food. The tropical fruits in Yucatan also serve as the major features of this regional food. They are: tamarind, plums, mammy, avocados and bitter oranges. The coast areas of Yucatan still offers seafood mixed with chilly pepper sauces and achiote paste. Mexico City:  Mexico City majorly includes the people migrated from different parts of world. And thus, Mexico City is still untouched with the tropical fruits. It mainly serves the taco stands, sandwiches and lunch counters on every street of the city the street food is common in the regions of Mexico City. The popular dishes in Mexico City includes: Baracoa, barrio, cabrito, carnitas, moles, tacos and tortas. Veracruz:  Afro- Cuban and Spanish are the two indigenous mixtures found in Veracruz. The staple food in the regions of Veracruz includes vanilla, corn, acuyo and hoja santa. Not only this, the region is served by the richness of tropical fruits like papaya, mammy and zapote along with citrus and pineapple which were originated by Spanish. The Spanish taste in Veracruz is served by the herbs like parsley, thyme, marjoram, bay laurel and cilantro. They offer the perfect texture and aroma to the Mexican regional cuisine. The Afro Cuban touch on the other hand in Veracruz cuisine is offered by plantina,s sweet potatoes, yucca and peanut sauce. Along with regional food, the beverages of Mexican food play the equal significant role as the cuisines do. Corn, serving the basic element in Mexico, is not only eaten but also drunk in the regions of Mexico. The famous hot drink of Mexico “atole” offers the combination of fruit, corn, chocolate, rice and herbal into itl the main beverages of Mexico includes the combination of tropical fruits along with basic elements of Mexican cuisine and herbs. Vanilla, chilly pepper and coconut also plays a significant role in the famous beverages of mexico. The liquor of Mexico on the other side includes: tequilla, pulque, aguardiente and mezcal. The regional cuisines describe the unique texture and taste of the Mexican food. Every region of Mexico offers distinctive aroma and touch in the taste of food which uniquely serves the peppery taste, as the chilly peppers are the common and most important element in the Mexican food. The Mexican food is famous not only in the region of the country Mexico, but different countries offers the cuisine mixed with their native aroma along with Mexican food. The Mexican food and beverages offers the fine trip to experience the aroma of the Mexican culture by just experiencing the food of the country. The Mexican food is enough to experience the real and rich culture of Mexico country offering wide variety with quality.

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