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Tripura Forest

Government of Maharashtra

The government of Maharashtra, a state in the western India, is an elected government with 288 members in legislative assembly for the period of five years. Government of Maharashtra is comprised of 27 cabinet ministers and 10 ministers of state. [...]

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Forest in India

Jungles, the forest in India have always been an issue of controversies and a great worry. Due to uncontrolled cutting, mining and poaching, Indian forests cover is shrinking and so the wildlife. According to the Indian State of Forest Report, 2011, [...]

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About Indian Forests

About forest in India India is country with diverse climatic conditions, different soil types, different geographical conditions and different environmental conditions. From desert in the Rajasthan to the ever green forests in eastern region and [...]

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Tripura – Art & Culture

Tripura is a state in North-East India which is situated at altitude of 12.80 meters and borders with Bangladesh, Mizoram and Assam. It is surrounded by Bangladesh on its north, south and west: the length of its international border is 856 km (84 [...]

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Tripura – Forests and Forest Department

Tripura Forests Tripura situated at the north eastern region of India. The state has approx 50 to 60 percent of forest area which also includes reserve areas. The forest department of Tripura is committed to preserve and increase the forest area in [...]

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