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Holi In Jaipur

Holi Thali and Colors – Holi Festival of Colors, without colors Holi cannot be thought of. Colors brings happiness. Holi played almost every part of India. In this we will bring some memories of Holi 2012 of [...]

India state elections: Uttar Pradesh holds fifth phase

Polling is being held for the fifth phase of assembly elections in India's most populous and politically crucial state of Uttar Pradesh. More than 15.6 million people are eligible to vote on Thursday in the seven-phase elections. Votes are being [...]

Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and Festivals Jaipur is a city of occasions, fairs & festivals.  There are not only the fairs of traditions but the celebrations of the culture are also indicated.The biggest speciality of the city is that if people celebrate the Teej & [...]

People and Traditions of Jaipur

People and Traditions of Jaipur People of Jaipur Jaipur though it is advised to escape from ‘marwadis‘ in the whole world, but the people of the Pink city are the exception. The people of the Pink city are scattered all over the world. [...]