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Nahargarh Palace – Pinkcity Jaipur

Nahargarh Fort is one of the best tourist destinations of Jaipur City. One  must see this place while Visiting  Jaipur. You will come to know about the rich cultural heritage of India while visiting  Nahargarh fort.

The fort is enclosed in the fantastic ambience of Aravalli Hills, which is  enhancing   the beauty of  City. Gahar Garh is a lovely fort which provides the best travel pleasure in Jaipur

Nahargarh fort is located approximately at a height of 700 feet and it is nearly about 15 km away from Jaipur city.

This fort was built in the year 1734 for residence and security. Nahargrah fort is also named as “Tiger Fort”. Indo- European style is shown in the architecture of Nahargrh fort. Nahargarh basically means the abode of the tiger and is one of the best three forts situated in Pink City.

The major attraction of this fort is the Nahargarh Palace or the Madhvendra Bhawan. This palace was built by Maharaja Ram Singh who has nine wives. This was built in the year 1866. It consists of nine apartments in it which are given to various queens along with their name and the name of the queens are also mentioned at the top of each apartment.

All apartments are decorated in floral motifs. There are some beautiful murals which are gathered in a spacious courtyard. Palace has the best views in the city even though it is not the most beautiful in the Jaipur area, nor it is well maintained. It was constructed during the reign of Maha Raja Sawai Jaii Singh II.

There are some amazing wall paintings which attract every visitor and these are from the period of Mughals. Being situated at the height on the hill side it is one of the best places in the world as a tourist destination. It is lovely and breathe taking where the enjoyment of simple ambience of being a beautiful location of Nahargarh fort gives pleasure to the visitors.

Each of the Maharaja’s nine wives had given a two-storey apartment, which were located around rectangular courtyard along its three sides. The living room of maharaja was located on the fourth side. Architecture contains Indian and European mix. the windows are rectangular. The king could go to one queen’s room without the knowledge of the other queens, the rooms are built in such a way. Thakur Fateh Singh, who was an engineer in the Raj Imarat guided in the design of the queen’s rooms in the Nahargarh palace.

Many buildings are destroyed by the time but the Rajasthan Government is trying to maintain the heritage and renovation projects are going on. In the Nahargarh Fort as well many renovations have been done under these projects as it is also withered as the time goes on.

According to a saying, the Fort of Nahargarh was named after a prince whose beauty and spirit used to haunt the site and would also caused mischief resulted in the delay of the construction of the fort. After too many disturbances, finally the ghost agreed to leave the Fort, agreed to leave on the condition that the fort should be named after him. The prayer was done by a Tantrik.

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