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Madrasas to Get Rs. 188 Lakh from State Fund

Madrasas to Get Rs. 188 Lakh from State Fund

Jaipur, 13 November. Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot has sanctioned Rs. 118 Lakh for Madrasas from State Fund as the state has not received School Facility Grant from the Govt. of India in the current financial year. 

This decision of the Chief Minister will pave the way for the smooth running of Madrasas and will help in providing essential facilities and resources for Madrasa students. 

The Centre provides Rs. 5000 at primary level and Rs. 12,000 at Upper Primary level as a yearly grant through Rajasthan School Shiksha Parishad to Madrasas affiliated with Madrasa Board. The Madrasas have not received this grant from FY 2018-19. Now the state government is providing grant-in-aid to Madrasas under Madrasa Modernization Scheme. 

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