National Voluntary Blood Donation Day

manishhooja1st October of Every Year celebrated as “National Voluntary Blood Donation Day.”

Purpose: To share the Need and importance of blood in the life of an individual
First Started: On 1st October 1975 through the Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohaematology


Under the leadership of Mrs. K. Swaroop Krishen and Dr. J.G. Jolly, Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohaematology first established on October 22, 1975.

Who can donate blood?

According to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940, criteria for blood donor:

Age: 18-16 years
Weight: 45 kg or above
Pulse Rate: 60 to 100/ minute
Blood Pressure BP: Normal
Hb: 12.5 gm/100ml
Body Temperature: 37.5-degree centigrade


  • Celebrated to create general awareness of pubic towards the voluntary blood donation and to remove the ignorance, fear, and misconceptions.
  • Encourage Voluntary organizations of the country,  applying their valuable resources, time and money to encourage the students/youths, colleges, institutions, and clubs/NGOs.
  • To bring the great changes in the society to follow the life-saving measures
  • Prevent the serious illness caused by the violence and injury and childbirth related complications, road traffic accidents, and many more conditions.
  • Safe blood donation saves many lives of all ages and from all walks of life every year.


  • To motivate and encourage people who are not interested in donating blood even being a healthy person.
  • To stimulate people to donate blood voluntarily who are interested in donating blood only to their relatives or friends.
  • To store the blood in stock in blood banks for any urgent and severe requirement.
  • To make aware the people all over the country about the importance of the voluntary blood donation.
  • To successfully achieve the target of Voluntary Blood Donation to fulfill the urgent need for the needy patients.
  • To promote and emphasize the self-esteem of blood donors through many thanks.

National level voluntary blood donors States: Tripura, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Maharashtra

Highest level of voluntary blood donor: Tripura, 93% in India

Lowest level of voluntary blood donor: Manipur

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