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Puja/ Pooja

Pooja PrasadPuja word Commonly Used word or it won't be be incorrect to say that 80% People Feel that there day will be incomplete if they Dont do Puja Once a Day.

What is Puja?

Puja is a procedure or Process Done by individuals or group of individuals in form of Prayers, songs, traditional ways of worshiping god to show there respect and love to God, Spirit or Positive energies to get Divine,Blessings and Good Luck For the Present and  Future of of themself and society.

What is a benefit of doing puja  and Where it is Done ?

It is a belief of devotes That By Puja they get the direct connection For divine and stress free mind commonly practiced in front of  holy spirit  sculpture, painting, Print or in front of nature's Devin's .

Is there any Other Reason of Doing Puja ?

Yes Indian Civilization is the oldest civilizations As per individuals Sun sign And Moon Sign In Astrology Many Pooja are Done To Avoid Problems in Future and Present and as per belief People Say that by doing Puja The Have Seen The Results.

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