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Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2014

If you would like to see the numerous facets of Rajasthan, you have to visit Jaisalmer during the wonderful Jaisalmer Desert Festival. Multi-colored desert festival in Jaisalmer, the ‘The Golden City’ is being conducted for 3 days starting from February 12th to February 14 of 2014. One can observe the real cultural and inheritance at its absolute enthusiasm throughout the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. Starting from the folk artists dancing & singing, this desert festival will include everything to attract the domestic and global tourists. Jaisalmer Desert Festival is arranged by Rajasthan Tourism Department at the Sam Sand Dunes situated at about 40 km away from Jaisalmer city.

The period of the festival is 3 days and the festival is ended on Poornima, the full moon day. The key purpose of the Rajasthan Desert Festival is to exhibit the wealthy and multihued culture of Rajasthan. Wearing vivacious and multicolored costumes, people of Rajasthan dance to the rhythms hanging back ballads of valor, romance and calamity of the neighboring heroes.

The key attractions of the Desert Festival of Jaisalmer, take account of snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats, folk performers, etc. Especially, the Fire & Gair dancers, in their animated costumes, imprison your heart. Nevertheless, in the midst of all these, camel, the ship of the desert, does not lose its exceptional spot. Not counting quite popular camel rides, camels participate in numerous events, in which the most well-known and exclusive ones are the camel polo & camel dance.

Few other events consist of the turban tying contest that a present of the most splendid moustaches. Turbans & mustaches stands as the symbols of admiration in the royal state of Rajasthan. Also, Mr. Desert competition adds more to the cheerfulness. With the striking Jaisalmer Fort and awesome sand dunes being the setting, the merriments get an additional advantage. There are also luminous performances by the talented folk artists who dance gracefully to the rhythms of soothing folk music. Conventional handicrafts of Rajasthan are also on sale during the fair.

The enthusiastic Jaisalmer desert festival is a gifted chance to experience the sandstone city of Jaisalmer and its surrounding places at their miraculous finest. For 3 days in the last weeks January and near the beginning February, one can enjoy a swarm of strange and crazy activities

like a procession of camels and fancily dressed inhabitants, polo matches and camel races, turban tying contests, and rivalry for the optimum mustache.

The grand festival of Jaisalmer desert festival starts with a morning parade that displays the life and civilization of the desert. The parade starts from Sonar Fort and continues till the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium. Competitions, together with Mr. Desert and the top mustache, are conducted after that which is followed by sound music & dance performances.

Second day:

The festival fun goes on the second day as well. With a swarm of peculiar camel associated activities at the Dedansar Stadium. Camel festooning, camel fur slashing, and camel polo will keep you smiling for hours and hours! In the daylight, the activities will once again reach the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium where the Border Security Force Camel Tattoo occurs. Be in awe with the gymnastics performances on the camel back, and camel band with creative dancing.

Third day:

On the 3rd day of the celebration, the festival finishes with a festivity Rajasthani folk concert beneath the stars in the wonderful Sam sand dunes. In addition to all these fun stuff, don’t forget to hold a cricket match, parachuting, Air Force and camel race that are displayed in the sand dunes.

Events held at the Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2014:

  • Dance and Songs by Folk artists
  • Acrobatics by Local Nomadic Gymnasts
  • Entertaining Puppet Shows
  • Snake Charmers Dance
  • Turban tying contest
  • Longest moustaches contest
  • Mr. Desert contest
  • Camel Race
  • Camel Polo
  • Camel Dance competition
  • Camel Decoration competition
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