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Thalassemia Societies Awarded

Venue: OTIS, Jaipur

Date: 01-Oct.-2013

Ajmer Regional thalassemia society is awarded 3rd Prize for their contribution to society in Blood Donation. The award is being given by Hon. Health Minister Sh. Aimaduddin Ahmad Khan (Durru). The society has the mission of Thalassemia free Rajasthan, for which last year, they helped in conduction of HBA2 test of 21,984 college students. Society Gen. Sec. , Mr. Ishwar Parwani, said

“Everybody must go through this test before marriage, and if they are carrier, they must avoid marrying another carrier, as chances of Thalassemia increases in the children”

Last year the society conducted blood donation camps, and contributed 624 U of blood, for which they are awarded 1st in Ajmer Division.


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