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Puppets Drama – Rom -O- Bama

Romney Vs Obama presenting the puppet show between the two famous Political rivals Romney and Obama. promotes, Jaipur Talent, for which we have recorded this video of event to promote the puppet shows, which are part of culture of Pinkcity. 5th October, Jaipur. American president Barrack Hussein Obama II along with presidential candidate on opposition “Willatt Mitt Romney” is now the Masala topic in every state and nation in the globe. These hot shot faces are now the part of the news on epitomized in the video representing their puppet show. November 2012 is titled as the month of president election in America in which the candidates “Obama” and “Mitt Romney” drudging solid with their respective campaign catching every eye in the world., a website representing Jaipur, talks about this hair-raising exposure by the medium of a video representing both the candidates involved in a puppet show. The video represents the spicy conversation between them followed by their agendas and planning. The team of the website stated that the video acts as the agent for discussing about the policies involved in the campaign and not serve the purpose of raising the political or personal issues. This 8 minute video is represented by the beautiful appareled puppets of Obama and Mitt Romney added with small snickers of whooping laughs. The play video was prepared by the youth working for implementing the great spirit of attempt.

Note: These videos are purely fictitious and it is a dramatic representation, to promote the puppet shows.

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