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Amber Site Scene – Jaipur

Amber Site Scene

AmberAmber is another town in the lap of royal Pink city, and is located 11kms away from Jaipur. Amber was the territorial kingdom of the Kings of Kacchawaha, in the 10th century Amber was ruled by the Meena’s, after that the Kacchawaha came and fought and captured the city. This is the reason that the foundation of Amber is much older than the fou8ndation of the Jaipur city. Jaipur city has the influence of British, Mughals and the Rajputs where as Amber is influenced by traditional Rajputs, Hindu’s and different South Indian regions. Amber is a much older and monumental place, if compared with Jaipur it won’t be a much of surprise that the town is more influential and enthralling.

Amber is a small town surrounded by the Aravali ranges in all sides, Amber being near to the Jaipur city could not develop that much because of being a hilly region ,during 17th century the drought and hunger conditions worsened so much that an0other city was developed near to it, hence the initiative to built Jaipur was started.

Amber is known for colonization style, the South India n and Hindu styled temples, Old haveli’s and many beautiful spots. For those who have the passion for photography, Amber is the best spot to click innumerable photographs and ease you passion out, this article briefs you about all the places and spots of Amber-

The palace of Amber is the most beautiful palaces of world; travelers come here and should take the elephant ride. Amber has some beautiful and interesting spots which are extremely beautiful and enchanting, that one should not miss at all, like the Jaleb Chowk, Sheela Mata Mandir, Jaigarh Tunnel, Sukh Mandir, Ganesh Pol, Diwaan-e-aam, Diwaan-e- Khaas, Sheesh Mahal, Queen Palace are some exquisite places, these places are known and famous as a Bollywood shooting spot.

Amber Site Scene

The Maota Lake : At the bottom of the Palace lies the beautiful Maota Lake which is nowadays brimmed up because of the heavenly rainfall this season. This is a manmade lake which has been made to beautify the elegance of the palace and also for the security of the palace.

Kesar Kyari : In between the lake is a beautiful garden, which has been name d as Kesar Kyari, people say that this garden was used to irrigate Kesar, which used to give a picturesque beauty to the palace.

Jaigarh : Above Amber is the Jaigarh fort which was built ot increase the safety of the town, it was also known as the Watch Tower of Amber, it was built to keep an eye on the surroundings of the kingdom. Around 11kms far Amber fort was connected to Jaigarh with a tunnel, which is now days has been opened up for the visitors. The world’s largest cannon (Jaiyband) is kept at the Jaigarh fort.

Sagar Lake : This lake is another attraction for the film directors and producers; the lake lies in between the valley and is an entrancing view of the town. It lies just behind the Amber fort, between the lake and fort lies a small hill. The coast of the lake has been developed to make it as a visiting spot for the tourists, from here only once can reach to the Watch tower and one can enjoy the spectacular view of the Amber Palace. Sagar Lake was the only water resource for the Amber Kingdom

Jama Masjid : Jama Masjid, one of the oldest mosques; lies on the Delhi road near the Amber town. It is a beautiful building, which is the centre of the Muslims people religious practices. It i9s included as one of the most beautiful and oldest mosques of Jaipur.

Cenotaphs of the Kings : There are many cenotaphs of the kings on the Delhi road highway, in the small premises of the graveyard; there are umbrella shaped cenotaphs which are known for its shape and beauty. The place has been shown in many of the movies and after the relocation of the Amber town, this place has been named as Gatore, situat5ed in Brahmaputri.

Jagat Shiromandi Temple : The temple is the ultimate and enticing exempla of Rajputana style, the Lord Vishnu temple is totally South Indian architecture building. This temple was built in the memory of Prince Raj Kumar Jagat Singh by her mother. The temple was a grand temple in those times, and a sum of 11lakhs was spent in the construction of the temple.

Elephant Village : In those times there was drought conditions in Amber; hence the elephants were dying, so for the elephants artificial lakes and shades were developed by the government. The place is beautifully constructed and is a picturesque place where travelers come for photography.

The town of Amber is itself a place to visit, the temples the lakes, the lace foretells the history and the legacy of those old times where the town was under the rule of the Rajput rulers, one when visiting the place should see for these places, and one can definitely feel the royalty and legacy in the air of the fort!

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