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Uncontrollable bus at Parcota

The uncontrollable mini-bus jumped on divider due to high speed in the Tripolia Bazaar. The railing of divider got damaged due to the accident that took place in front of Sargasuli. Apart from this, a person, who was in the bus, had minor injuries. He was released after the first aid. On reaching to the accident venue, police from (North) Police station took the custody of bus after keeping it aside with the help of crane. According to Police, Manoj Kumar (19) from Virat Nagar got injured. According to incident, a minibus of route no-1 was on its way from Galta Gate to Railway Station with passengers. The high-speed mini-bus tried to overtake Roadways' bus

at 7.30 in the morning in front of Sargasuli at Tripolia Nagar. But the uncontrolled bus jumped on the divider. The driver and conductor escaped from the place after accident. Pedestrians helped passengers to come out of the bus. While injured Manoj Kumar was taken to the SMS hospital through Ambulance.

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