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ill legal mining will not be tolerated

Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot, has mentioned illegal mining as dangerous act. He has directed officers to take strict action to prevent this act. Gehlot said that illegal mining will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The Chief Minister conducted meeting for 3 hours to discuss about illegal mining and stated that contained selfishness could create felons. Gehlot further mentioned that legal mining should be promoted as it could create employment opportunities for people but illegal mining should be stopped. He added that Rajasthan should not face the situation, which many states are facing due to illegal mining. Gehlot said to make sure that Rajasthan remains in the list of ideal states. Chief Minister said that concrete solution needs to be find out to stop incident of insensitivity and police will have to play important role in this. He conveyed to take this matter seriously. Gehlot mentioned that with the police force, the officers placed at illegal mining fields should be informed. So that any undesired incident will not take place. Chief Minister said to the Chief Secretary to provide security to people working in the mining field. The State Collector and Police Superintendent of the area in which illegal mining is taking place will also be responsible.

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